2002 News Releases

More information and visuals that are not available electronically may be obtained by contacting the NRL Public Affairs Office. New items are added as they are released.

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Scientific & Technical Interest
1/23 NRL Breaks Ground for Nanoscience Building
2/4 InfraLynx Communications System Supports Winter Olympics
2/25 NRL Flight Support Detachment - The Navy's Future is Now
3/25 DC-ARM Marks the Wave of Future Damage Control
4/22 NRL Inventions Bring Carbon Nanotubes Closer to Electronic Device Application
5/10 NRL Research Team Demonstrates WARLOC Radar
5/29 Dr. John Montgomery Named New NRL Director of Research
6/5 Technological Advances Allow Astronomers to Open New Window on the Universe
6/5 NRL's POAM III Measurements Confirm This Year's Shrinking Ozone Hole Caused by Unusual Stratospheric Weather Patterns
6/5 NRL Researchers win Bowen Patent Invention Award for Voice Communication Processing System
7/30 NRL Inclined-Orbit Satellite Link is a First for Sea-Based Joint Air Operations Center (JOAC)
8/14 GRACE Robot Team Meets the Challenge
9/23 NRL's LASCO Achieves Milestone in Finding Comets
12/6 Oceanographers Respond to Request for Help on Massive Oil Spill
12/12 NRL WindSat Experiment to Launch on December 15
12/19 Drug Detection Device Based on NRL Technology Acknowledged as a Top Innovation of 2002

Featured Stories
1/11 Dr. C. Michael Roland Receives Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award
2/1 NRL's Outreach Program Wins Naval District Washington Regional Award
2/15 Dr. Bhakta Rath Receives the National Materials Advancement Award
2/15 NRL Scientists Win Marcus A. Grossman Young Author Award
2/28 NRL's Dr. Elaine Oran Receives Dryden Lectureship Award
3/18 Dr. Robert Soulen, Jr., Receives 2002 Joseph F. Keithley Award
4/8 Dr. Judith Lean Elected to AGU Fellowship
7/10 Dr. Elain Oran Inducted into Women in Technology Hall of Fame
8/23 NRL's Dr. Eric Hartwig Assumes Position as President of the Oceanography Society
8/27 NRL's Dr. Bhakta Rath Named Fellow of the Institute of Materials of the United Kingdom
9/13 Dr. Christian Rauscher Receives Washington Academy of Sciences Award
9/13 Dr. John Sethian Receives Fusion Power Associates' Leadership Award
10/17 Dr. Jones-Meehan Receives Technology Transfer Award
11/15 NRL's Dr. Kruer Receives ONR Bisson Award
12/18 Dr. Thomas Carruthers Receives Technology Transfer Award