Dr. John Montgomery Named New NRL Director of Research

5/29/2002 - 35-02r
Contact: Public Affairs Office, (202) 767-2541

Dr. John A. Montgomery, Ph.D. has been named the Naval Research Laboratory's (NRL) Director of Research. The appointment of Dr. Montgomery was made today by the Honorable John J. Young, Jr., Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development & Acquisition). Dr. Montgomery currently serves as NRL's Superintendent of the Tactical Electronic Warfare Division (TEWD). As the Laboratory's new Director of Research, Dr. Montgomery is responsible for the technical program, its planning, conduct, and staffing; evaluation of the technical competence of personnel, liaison with the scientific community; selection of subordinate technical personnel; exchange of technical information; and the effective execution of the NRL mission. Dr. Montgomery was selected following a nationwide search.

Dr. Montgomery joined the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in 1968 as a research physicist in the Advanced Techniques Branch of the Electronic Warfare Division, where he conducted research on a wide range of Electronic Warfare (EW) topics. In 1980, he was selected to head the Off-Board Countermeasures Branch. In 1985, he was appointed to the Senior Executive Service and was selected as Superintendent of the TEWD.

As Superintendent of the TEWD, Dr. Montgomery was responsible for the Navy's Lead Laboratory for EW Technology, and for the conduct of a large and comprehensive program of research leading to the creation of new concepts for the field of Electronic Warfare (EW). He and his staff conducted research on basic physical phenomena of importance to EW, demonstrated the feasibility of new EW concepts and systems, performed EW systems analyses and evaluations, and provided special advisory and consultative services to senior Navy and Department of Defense leaders. He led a team of 350 scientific, technical, support, and contractor personnel which provided new and advanced concept systems for EW that improved the ability of the Navy, and the other services, to perform their missions.

During his career, Dr. Montgomery has pioneered expendable countermeasures for ships and aircraft. Hundreds of U.S. Navy ships, many ships from allied nations, and virtually all our aircraft have been equipped with systems for which he has had responsibility. He has specialized in the development of new EW technologies and in their rapid reduction to practice in the form of operationally deployed systems. He has been responsible for more than 80 systems that have been developed/approved for operational use by the Navy and other services. He has had great impact through the applicationof advanced technologies to solve unusual or severe operational deficiencies noted during world crises, most recently in the Persian Gulf, the Kosovo campaign, in Afghanistan, and for Homeland Defense.

Dr. Montgomery received his Bachelors degree in physics from North Texas State University in 1967 and his Masters degree, also in physics, in 1969. Dr. Montgomery received his Ph.D. in physics from the Catholic University of America in 1982.

Most recently, Dr. Montgomery received the Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award in 2001. He was recognized by the Department of the Navy Distinguished Civilian Service Award in 1999 and by the Department of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award in 1986. As a member of the Senior Executive Service, he received the Presidential Rank of Distinguished Executive award in 1991, the Presidential Rank of Meritorious Executive award in 1988, and again in 1999. He also received the 1997 Dr. Arthur E. Bisson Prize for Naval Technology Achievement, awarded by the Chief of Naval Research in 1998. Further, he has received the Association of Old Crows (Electronic Defense Association) Joint Services Award in 1993, the Capital Club Technical Award in 1992, the Silver Medal Certificate Award in 1982, and Serves on its Senior Advisory Board. He was an NRL Edison Scholar, and is a member of Sigma Xi. He also has served as the U.S. National Leader of The Technical Cooperation Program's multinational Group on Electronic Warfare since 1987, and has just completed a five-year term as its Executive Chairman. Before 1987, he served as the U.S. Navy Member of this Group. Dr. Montgomery currently is serving a fourth term as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NRL Federal Credit Union. During his career, Dr. Montgomery has contributed more than 60 publications, papers, symposia presentations, and lectures.

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