InfraLynx Communications System Supports Winter Olympics

2/4/2002 - 17-02r
Contact: Public Affairs Office, (202) 767-2541

As a result of the Combating Terrorism Technology Task Force, NRL has produced the current surge communications system - InfraLynx. Now NRL has been invited to bring the InfraLynx prototype to the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. InfraLynx is designed to provide critical communications infrastructure (phones, fax, networks, cellular phones, etc.) restoration following a disruption of normal communications channels.

At the Olympics, InfraLynx will provide a surge capability that will augment the existing communications infrastructure. The system is a mobile unit installed in a specially outfitted truck. The InfraLynx system provides a full suite of military and civilian communications equipment, phone lines, fax, secure voice, networks, and conventional communications (VHF/UHF/800Mhz) bridged through satellite back to NRL. With the satellite link up, video from cameras inside and outside the system are viewable at NRL. This capability supports video teleconferencing.

NRL engineers have been working with several state and federal agencies to assist them in improving interoperability. The Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP) is one of those agencies. Although they have pre-positioned equipment to support all contingencies for the Olympics, they believe that the Olympics will provide an excellent opportunity to look at the new InfraLynx technology in a real world environment, without it being mission critical. The NRL equipment left by flatbed truck on January 26th and the NRL team departed for Salt Lake City on January 29th. The NRL team will be at the Games for the month of February.

The team of NRLers and contractors, working in either the Naval Center for Space Technology or the Information Technology Division, includes Chris Herndon, Jeff Westley, Pat Pritchard Honeywell, David Kolesar, Ivan Corretjer, and Tim Freeman. Back at NRL, the team is being supported by Mark Fratta, Bill Koch, Bruce Morgan, Mike Rupar, Allen St. Jean, and Mark Solsman.

Immediately after the Olympics, NRL's InfraLynx will be sent to Louisiana in support of the Homeland Security Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (HLS ACTD).

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