D.C. School Salutes NRL Volunteers

7/07/2003 - 48-03w
Contact: Public Affairs Office, (202) 767-2541

Washington, D.C.'s W.B. Patterson Elementary School recently recognized NRL Community Outreach Program volunteers for their support of the school's educational programs. Patterson's principal presented the volunteers with certificates and pins, and commended the Laboratory and its employees for "personal commitment, dedication and performance."

During the past school year, students at Patterson received more than 500 hours of combined support from a group of NRL volunteers working under the Laboratory's Community Outreach Program, said NRL program manager, Dominic Panciarelli. Patterson is one of four Ward 8 schools in the District receiving volunteer help from Laboratory employees.

Cynthia Allen, NRL outreach coordinator for Patterson School, noted, "For many years, our program volunteers have tutored students that the school determined would most benefit from the additional curricular support. Each volunteer spent at least one hour a week at the school to help students 'brush-up' their reading and writing skills. Volunteers worked closely with teachers and school administrators to note deficiencies, target support areas, and gauge students' progress through the program."

"What makes the Outreach Program enjoyable is that volunteers choose the activity they would like to participate in and the amount of time they can give to the program. They can also change their level of support to accommodate work schedules. The program is successful because we have a group of dedicated volunteers, great school partners, supportive supervisors and a Command that provides the tools needed to make this program possible," concluded Ms. Allen.

The Community Outreach Program was officially established in 1985 by a Presidential directive to government activities to support local schools. Under the Department of Defense "Partners in Education" effort, the NRL Community Outreach Program supports four schools located near the Laboratory in Washington, D.C.

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