IPMA Recognizes NRL Human Resources Team for Management Plan and Practices

4/29/2003 - 33-03w
Contact: Public Affairs Office, (202) 767-2541

The Naval Research Laboratory's Human Resources Office (HRO) Demonstration Project Team is the recipient of the 2002 International Public Management Association (IPMA) Leading Edge Award.

IPMA recognized NRL team members for their significant accomplishments in human resource management for the further development and final implementation of the NRL Personnel Management Demonstration Project. This project streamlined hiring processes, simplified position classification, put into effect the Contribution-based Compensation System and Distinguished Contributions Allowance, and modified Reduction-in-Force procedures.

Accomplishments were based on an HR program that can be shown to support and enhance the mission of the agency; the use of innovative technology in business solutions; achievement of considerable cost reduction; evidence of substantial improvement in quality of work, efficiency, and customer service; and demonstration of ability to act as "change agent." These accomplishments resulted in an achievement that can be recognized as significant by other professionals in human resources.

NRL's Personnel Management Demonstration Project was developed over a number of years, beginning with the initial concept proposal in December 1994, making circuitous trips through multiple approval organizations that included the Department of the Navy, Department of Defense, and the Office of Personnel Management. The project resulted in a comprehensive, fully automated and virtually paperless process involving every human resources function.

This effort has evolved through a number of developmental stages and engaged the dedicated work of five teams consisting of HR professionals and top management officials in NRL. At each step, these Human Resource Advisors (HRO) were instrumental in guiding team members through the maze of rules and regulations needing modification or waivers in generating new, streamlined, automated, cost-effective initiatives based on best practices or new ways of doing business. HRO also negotiated recommended changes, invented new methods and initiatives, and described the initiative, process and results to be gained at every turn.

As a result of the outstanding contributions made by the HRO Advisors earlier in the Demonstration Project, they received the Department of the Navy 1999 Human Resources Management Award for Excellence and the 2000 Al Gore Hammer Award. These awards were for their contributions to the design, development, and implementation of the NRL Personnel Management Demonstration Project and achieving significant milestones in reinventing existing processes.

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