Dr. Edward Metzbower Elected Head of the Laser Institute of America

3/29/2004 - 18-04r
Contact: Public Affairs Office, (202) 767-2541

Dr. Edward Metzbower, a supervisory metallurgist at the Naval Research Laboratory, has been elected president of the Laser Institute of America (LIA). The Laser Institute of America is the professional membership society dedicated to fostering lasers, laser applications and safety worldwide. Serving the industrial, medical, research and government communities, LIA offers technical information and networking opportunities to laser users from around the globe.

Dr. Metzbower is head of the Physical Metallurgy Branch in NRL's Materials Science and Technology Division. He has been employed at NRL since 1967. His current research is a program involving modeling of welding processes that includes the resultant microstructures and properties of the process. His other research interests include the utilization of neural networks for the prediction of properties of high strength low allow (HSLA) plates and welds as well as the influence of a subsequent weld bead on deposited weld beads in gas metal arc welding.

Dr. Metzbower started using lasers in research in the 1970s, when the Department of Defense facilities had laser-hardening programs. These programs studied how to protect an aircraft from the effects of laser radiation, and at NRL the focus was to see how the laser would weld and interact with material. In the 25 years since that research began, Dr. Metzbower has seen lasers evolve. Dr. Metzbower sees the challenge for the future to be for industry to justify the cost of new, state-of-the-art lasers and equipment opposed to what is being used today.

Dr. Metzbower received his B.S. degree from Loyola College and his M.E.S. and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. He is a fellow of The Welding Institute (England), the Laser Institute of America, ASM International, and the American Welding Society. He has received a Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award.

LIA was started in 1968 with the sole intention of turning the potential of a powerful new technology into an actual, viable industry. The LIA was forged from a network of developers and engineers -- people who were actually using lasers. Their goal is to promote laser applications and their safe use through education, training, and symposia.

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