Mr. R. James King Named Chief Librarian at Naval Research Laboratory

7/13/2004 - 31-04r
Contact: Public Affairs Office, (202) 767-2541

Mr. R. James King was recently selected to be the Chief Librarian at the Naval Research Laboratory. Mr. King is the seventh Chief Librarian at NRL's Ruth H. Hooker Research Library.

Mr. King came to NRL in August 1990 working as a contractor in the Microcomputer Software Support Center in the Ruth H. Hooker Research Library. He became a federal employee in November 1997. Mr. King has been serving as Acting Chief Librarian since August 2002.

Mr. King currently holds leadership roles in the Federal Library and Information Center Committee, the Consortium of Naval Libraries, the National Research Library Alliance, the Librarian of the Navy Advisory Panel, the DoD BIC eContent Working Group, the IEEE Library Advisory Board, and the Alliance for Innovation in Science and Technology Information.

Mr. King earned his masters degree in Library and Information Science at Catholic University of America in 2002 and for the past 15 years has been customizing information technology tools to create innovative library services for the benefit of Naval researchers and administrators. Mr. King previously graduated from Salem International University in Salem, WV with a B.S. degree in Computer Science in 1989.

Mr. King is pursuing continued improvement of the NRL Research Library over the next several years under the vision of "Innovation for Research" along six major objectives:

  • Provide rapid access to all journals, conference proceedings and books
  • Evolve all services and products using a user-centered design philosophy
  • Provide a comprehensive search across all relevant scholarly communications
  • Capture the intellectual output of NRL researchers
  • Improve usage of technical reports in NRL research
  • Move to a reliable, standards-based infrastructure

The previous Chief Librarians at NRL have been Ms. Ruth Hutchison Hooker (1927-1951, 1954-1965), Ms. Mildred Benton (1951-1954), Ms. LaVerna Morgan (1965-1970), Ms. Doris Baster (1970-1978), Mr. Pete Imhof (1978-1986), and Ms. Laurie Stackpole (1986-2002).

Mr. King can be reached at (202) 767-2357 or for any comments, questions or concerns about the NRL Research Library's services.

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