2005 News Releases

More information and visuals that are not available electronically may be obtained by contacting the NRL Public Affairs Office. New items are added as they are released.

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Scientific & Technical Interest
1/10 Astronomers Opening a New Window on the Universe
2/10 NRL Scientists Search for "Magic" Dust
2/22 NRL Researchers Develop Flexible Arm and Leg Blast Armor
3/2 Astronomers Detect Powerful Bursting Radio Source; Discovery Points to New Class of Astronomical Objects
4/26 NRL's GRAB Satellite Displayed in Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
5/3 NRL Researchers Develop Universal Communication Interface Module
5/12 Project ANDE Assembly and Testing Nears Completion at NRL for Fall Delivery to NASA
5/12 ANDE Risk Reduction Mission - Design and fabrication of satellites
5/31 NRL SSC Leads New Battlespace Environments Institute
6/1 NRL Co-Sponsors CanSat Competition
6/6 NRL Develops Self-cleaning "Smart" Fabrics Capable of Environmental Toxin Remediation
7/6 NRL Study Finds Shuttle Exhaust is Source of Mysterious Clouds in Antarctica
7/7 Discovery of 'Doping' Mechanism in Semiconductor Nanocrystals Advances Potential of Nanotechnology
7/19 NRL-Stennis Researchers Play a Major Role in Counterterrorism Exercise
8/1 NRL's HAIL Technology Transitions to the Aegis System
8/5 NRL Measures Record Wave During Hurricane Ivan
8/24 NRL Teams with Smithsonian Institution, Penn State University and Ocean Optics to Study Properties of the Hope Diamond
9/6 NRL Develops Fully Autonomous Compact Electric Helicopter
9/19 NRL's Forward Technology Solar Cell Experiment Flies as Part of MISSE5 Aboard Space Shuttle Discovery Mission
10/4 NRL Smart Probe Technology Improves Soil Analysis
10/24 NRL Scientists Detect "Milky Sea" Phenomena
11/14 NRL InfraLynx Deployed to Gulf Coast
11/29 NRL Demonstrates Fuel Cell-Powered Unmanned Aerial System

Featured Stories
1/5 Dr. Virginia DeGiorgi Elected a Fellow of ASME
1/24 NRL Presents Annual E.O. Hulburt Award for Scientific Achievement to Dr. Neil Sheeley
2/2 NRL's Jeff Hawkins Recognized by American Meteorological Society
3/10 Dr. Antiochos Receives AAS Hale Prize; Elected AGU Fellow
3/21 Dr. Zakya Kafafi Elected Fellow of the International Society for Optical Engineering
3/28 Dr. Frances Ligler Elected to National Academy of Engineering
4/5 NRL Researchers Receive TTCP Achievement Award
4/6 NRL's Dr. Igor Mazin named APS fellow
5/24 Chemistry Division Team Receives ESTCP Award for Airborne MTADS Array
6/20 NRL Researcher Receives CAP Award For NRL-CAP Collaborative Effort
6/28 Meritorious Rank Awards Bestowed on NRLers
6/28 Dr. Bhakta Rath Receives Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive
6/28 Dr. Herbert Eppert Receives Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive
6/28 Dr. Thomas Giallorenzi Receives Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive
6/28 Dr. Elaine Oran Receives Presidential Rank Award for Senior Professional
6/28 Dr. Gary Prinz Receives Presidential Rank Award for Senior Professional
8/1 NRL Researchers' Audio Alerting Technology Part of HAIL-SS Transition to Aegis
8/15 Secretary of Defense Medal Honors Dr. Leonard Buckley for Contributions to Defense Science
9/27 Dr. Lloyd Whitman Named a Fellow of AVS Science and Technology Society
10/17 Dr. Jay Boris Receives AIAA 2005 Fluid Dynamics Award
11/28 Dr. Carter T. White Receives E.O. Hulburt Award
12/7 President Announces Roger Easton Recipient of National Medal of Technology