Dr. Virginia DeGiorgi Elected a Fellow of ASME

1/5/2005 - 5-05r
Contact: Public Affairs Office, (202) 767-2541

Dr. Virginia DeGiorgi, a scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory, has been elected a Fellow in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The Fellow Grade is the highest elected grade of membership within ASME, the attainment of which recognizes exceptional engineering achievements and contributions to the engineering profession.

Dr. DeGiorgi received her B.S. and Masters of Engineering degrees from the University of Louisville in 1980. She started her career with Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the nuclear steam generator division where she received the Westinghouse B.G. Lamme scholarship. Dr. DeGiorgi completed her Ph.D. at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, in 1986. She came to NRL in April 1986 to work in NRL's Materials Science and Technology Division as a mechanical engineer. In April 2000, she was selected to head the Systems Design and Integration Section.

Dr. DeGiorgi's research interests include fracture, structural failure, smart materials and corrosion. She is a recognized expert in computational modeling of impressed current cathodic protection systems. In 2001 she was awarded the rank of Fellow at the Wessex Institute of Technology, Great Britain, in recognition of her work in the application of boundary elements to modeling electrochemical corrosion systems.

In addition to her research and duties at NRL, Dr. DeGiorgi also serves part-time as a program manager at the Office of Naval Research (ONR). As part of the ONR Swampworks program team, she is actively involved in developing and managing programs that deal with a wide range of topics. She is currently managing the force protection portfolio within Swampworks.

Dr. DeGiorgi has been an active conference participant, scientific advisory board member and is currently serving in leadership roles on the Wessex Institute conference on electrochemical modeling and the IEEE-OES Homeland Security Workshop. In addition to her activities with ASME and other technical societies, she has maintained a strong involvement with the American Business Women's Association, supporting women in all professions.

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