Dr. Lloyd Whitman Recognized with Nano 50 Award

10/10/2006 - 46-06r
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Dr. Lloyd Whitman, a scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), has been selected to receive one of Nanotech Briefs magazine's second annual Nano 50 Awards. The awards recognize the top 50 technologies, products, and innovators that have significantly impacted the state of the art in nanotechnology. Dr. Whitman was one of 15 scientists to receive an award in the "Innovators" category, for those recognized as being "a leader or pioneer in a specific area of nanotechnology, with a significant background of accomplishments in advancing the state of the art in nanotechnology."

Dr. Whitman came to NRL in 1991, and since 1999 has been the head of the Surface Nanoscience and Sensor Technology Section, where he directs a multidisciplinary research program combining nanoscience, biotechnology, and microfluidic systems. His current research includes studies of individual semiconductor, organic, and biomolecular nanostructures; their use in novel functional surfaces; and their integration into biosensor systems for national security and defense and optoelectronic devices for military applications.

Dr. Whitman has conducted a high-profile research program on the atomic-scale structure and chemistry of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces in ultra-high vacuum using scanning tunneling microscopy. "Science-as-art" images he created based on this research have graced the covers of many publications, ranging from conference programs to college textbooks. More recently, he has done pioneering work demonstrating how conventional surface analysis can be extended to complex biomolecular films. Dr. Whitman also directs the development of multiple biosensor systems using novel sensing approaches, including two systems that have been licensed for commercialization.

In addition to his research at NRL, Dr. Whitman helps manage nanotechnology and biodefense programs for a number of agencies within the Department of Defense, currently including the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and DARPA. He also serves as a Science Advisor to the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological Defense and Chemical Demilitarization, helping to formulate national policies for the Chemical and Biological Defense Program.

Dr. Whitman received two NRL Invention Awards in 2004; NRL Technology Transfer Awards in 2004 and 2002; and Alan Berman Research Publication Awards in 2004, 2003, and 1996. Dr. Whitman is active in the management of numerous national and international meetings, including the Electronics Materials Conference, the Physical Electronics Conference (chairman), the 2008 International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology (co-chairman), and an annual meeting on Systems Integration in Biodefense. Dr. Whitman has over 120 refereed publications, books, book chapters, and memorandum reports. He has five patents pending for nanotechnology and biotechnology inventions. Dr. Whitman is a Fellow of the AVS Science and Technology Society and a member of the American Chemical Society, the Materials Research Society, Sigma Xi, and the American Physical Society.

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