2007 News Releases

More information and visuals that are not available electronically may be obtained by contacting the NRL Public Affairs Office. New items are added as they are released.

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Scientific & Technical Interest
1/3 NRL Scientists Analyze Comet Wild 2 Samples
1/23 GAIM Model Goes Operational
3/1 STEREO Panorama Previews Improved Solar Storm Tracking
3/9 NRL SHIMMER and CITRIS Experiments Launched on STPSat-1 to Study Earth's Atmosphere
3/29 Prototype for Long Wavelength Array Sees First Light
3/29 NRL Scientists Derive First Bottom-Up Determination of Air-Sea Momentum Transfer Under a Major Hurricane
4/23 NASA Spacecraft Make First 3-D Images of Sun
4/26 NRL Providing Data Analysis and Modeling for NASA AIM Mission
7/9 Significant new method developed for characterizing density wave features and Calculating Morphological Transformation Rates in Galaxies
8/12 NRL Scientists Demonstrate Efficient Electrical Spin Injection into Silicon
8/27 NRL Developing Space "Tow Truck" Technology For Satellite Operations
10/1 NRL Instrument on NASA Satellite Sees Solar Hurricane Detach Comet Tail
11/26 NRL researchers develop optical technique for controlling electron spins in quantum dot ensembles
12/10 NRL Scientists Demonstrate Generation, Modulation and Electrical Detection of Pure Spin Currents in Silicon
12/14 SECCHI Team Obtains Images of the Solar Wind at Earth
12/19 NASA's GLAST Satellite gets unwrapped for the holidays

Featured Stories
1/23 Dr. Joel Schnur Receives Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Senior Executive
2/5 NRL's Jim Templeman Selected for Outstanding Navy Employee with Disabilities Award
2/19 Dr. John Seely Elected APS Fellow
3/12 Dr. Jeffrey Wieselthier Named IEEE Fellow
3/12 Dr. Victor Chen Elected IEEE Fellow
4/10 Dr. Kafafi Named OSA Fellow
4/10 Dr. Brian Justus Elected OSA Fellow
4/23 ONR Recognizes Dr. Frederick W. Williams with Dr. Arthur E. Bisson Prize for Naval Technology
5/7 Mr. James Waterman Receives Levinstein Award
5/21 Dr. Elaine Oran Receives Honorary Doctorate from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon
6/4 Royal Astronomical Society Confers Honorary Fellowship on NRL Space Scientist
6/18 SPIE Honors Dr. G. Charmaine Gilbreath as a Fellow
7/2 NRL's Dr. Baruch Levush Receives 2007 IVEC Award for Excellence in Vacuum Electronics
7/30 Dr. Michael Hadjimichael Receives SAE International's Arch T. Colwell Merit Award
9/28 Dr. Thomas E. Rosmond Recognized with Fred E. Saalfeld Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Science
10/15 Dr. Ronald Sheinson Recognized with EPA's Best-of-the-Best Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award
10/29 AVS Presents Albert Nerken Award to NRL's Dr. Richard Colton
11/13 NRL Information Assurance Researchers Recognized With Department of the Navy Information Technology Award
12/21 DTRA Presents Chemical and Biological Defense Award to Anne Kusterbeck