NRL Information Assurance Researchers Recognized With Department of the Navy Information Technology Award

11/13/2007 - 59-07r
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Three members of the Center for High Assurance Computer Systems in the Naval Research Laboratory's Information Technology Division have received the Department of the Navy's Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) Excellence Award. The IM/IT Awards, which succeeded the Navy's eGov Awards, recognize the superior quality of projects, teams and individuals helping to transform the Navy and Marine Corps through information technology. The researchers were recognized for their work on PROMETHEUS, a web-based situational awareness tool that defends against malicious network activity on the Navy component of the Global Information Grid, a secure, interconnected information environment.

CAPT Roy Petty, Commanding Officer of the Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command (NCDOC), presented the award, in a ceremony held at NRL, to Keith Rohwer, Joseph Mathews, and Joseph Langley, all of the Network Security Section, Code 5544. The letter of commendation reads in part:

"PROMETHEUS enables NCDOC to handle ever-increasing amounts of information without commensurate increases in personnel. The efforts of the PROMETHEUS team created a state of the art capability for the Navy and Department of Defense. These efforts reflect the professional commitment of the PROMETHEUS team members and have significantly contributed to mission accomplishment. Your dedication and enthusiastic efforts reflect very favorably upon the Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command, the Department of the Navy, as well as the entire Department of Defense. Congratulations on a job well done!"

PROMETHEUS is an advanced network security visualization system that correlates, monitors, and displays an enterprise-wide picture of the Navy's current information assurance posture for NCDOC. It provides end-users with access to critical computer network defense (CND) data, including sensor/collector data (network intrusion detection system, firewall, and router data), incident data from internal security systems, and vulnerability data from the online survey systems for the Navy's network security testing group, the Red Team. PROMETHEUS fuses this data into coherent watch stander and incident handler views to maintain a consistent, unified CND view.

The NRL researchers developed PROMETHEUS in FY03 and NRL served as the lead developer and program manager for the initial deployment onsite at NCDOC. Once the system was placed into initial operating capability in FY05, it transitioned to SPAWAR PMW160 for integration into the developing CND program of record. NRL still participates in the ongoing development of new technologies and capabilities for PROMETHEUS as well as maintaining a local test installation to facilitate patch testing, agent development and new data format/exchange technologies.

PROMETHEUS has successfully demonstrated the capability to provide tailored Navy component Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert/Communications Tasking Order (IAVA/CTO) compliance output data for Combatant Commanders in support of exercises and combat operations. It has also been successfully demonstrated as a possible user-defined operational picture solution for the Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations/US Strategic Command/Defense Information Systems Agency. PROMETHEUS has been demonstrated as a successful large-scale visualization and correlation solution for virtually every branch or agency of the federal government.

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