2008 News Releases

More information and visuals that are not available electronically may be obtained by contacting the NRL Public Affairs Office. New items are added as they are released.

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Scientific & Technical Interest
1/8 Scientists Detect Lowest Frequency Radar Echo From the Moon
1/28 NRL EVIS Capability Transitions to the Fleet;
Provides Tactical Weather Forecasting Tools for Military Operations
2/12 NRL Scientists Produce Carbon Nanotubes Using Commercially Available Polymeric Resins
3/10 Dr. Dahlburg Appointed Superintendent of NRL's Space Science Division
3/11 NRL To Design Telescope to See Into the Dark Ages
3/17 Vanguard I Celebrates 50 Years in Space
3/26 NRL Partners with Google for Live Weather Data on Google Earth
6/9 NRL's Dragon Eye on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
6/23 NRL Coronal Physics Explorer (CPEX) Approved for Extended Study
6/30 NRL's Large Area Telescope Launches Aboard GLAST
8/1 STPSat-1 Operations Transfer to Naval Research Laboratory
8/18 NRL inventors on 7 out of every 10 Navy nanotech patents
9/18 NRL's HICO-RAIDS Experiments Ready for Payload Integration
10/1 Ship Island Used as Navy Lab
10/3 NRL Change of Command
Captain Paul C. Stewart Relieves Captain Daniel R. Gahagan
10/14 Navy Names Ship After Howard O. Lorenzen 'Father Of Electronic Warfare'
10/20 Ghostly Glow Reveals Galaxy Clusters in Collision
11/14 NRL's SHIMMER Successfully Observes Earth's Highest Clouds
12/1 Scientists Study Cracks in Brittle Materials
12/15 NRL's P-3 Aircraft Support Project to Study Tropical Cyclones

Featured Stories
1/7 Dr. Baruch Levush Receives E.O. Hulburt Annual Science Award
2/19 Dr. Bhakta Rath Elected to National Academy of Engineering
3/7 Dr. Phillip Sprangle Receives IEEE Award
4/3 Dr. Simon W. Chang Receives Presidential Rank Award
4/3 Dr. Francis Klemm Receives Presidential Rank Award For Meritorious Senior Executive
4/3 Dr. Elaine Oran Receives Presidential Rank Award for Distinguished Senior Professional
4/3 Dr. Mel Kruer Receives Presidential Rank Award For Meritorious Senior Professionals
4/10 Dr. Alexander Efros Receives Humboldt Research Award
4/30 Updated Version of GAIM Model Goes Operational
7/15 NRL Researchers Receive 13 Top Navy Scientists and Engineers Awards
8/28 NRL Receives 2008 Federal Laboratory Consortium Awardsfor Excellence in Technology Transfer
9/11 Dr. Sergio Restaino Named SPIE Fellow
10/31 Dr. Kathryn Wahl Receives Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award
11/7 Mr. Stanley Chincheck is the Recipient of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award
11/21 Dr. Stephen Eckermann Receives Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award
12/8 Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award Presented to Dr. Brian Houstonfor Contributions to Low Frequency Broadband Mine Classification
12/23 Dr. John McLean Receives Meritorious
Presidential Rank Award for Senior Executive