Mr. Stanley Chincheck is the Recipient of the
Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award

11/7/2008 - 77-08r
Contact: Public Affairs Office, (202) 767-2541

Mr. Stanley Chincheck, director of the Naval Research Laboratory's Center for High Assurance Computer Systems, is the recipient of the Department of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award for his outstanding service in computer network defense and information security.

Mr. Chincheck is recognized for his leadership and technical contributions to the NRL over the past five years, his dedication to fundamental scientific understanding and excellence, and his leadership in securing the Navy's critical information infrastructure. The award citation reads in part,

Under Mr. Chincheck's leadership, the Center for High Assurance Computer Systems has advanced theoretical understanding of information assurance and has transitioned those advances into several products that have been delivered to the FleetÉ Mr. Chincheck's outstanding professionalism, technical skills, and leadership reflect credit upon himself, the Office of Naval Research, and the Naval Research Laboratory and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

The guidance that Mr. Chincheck gave to his NRL team of researchers was significant in the development of the Programmable Embeddable INFOSEC Product (PEIP) that was transitioned to the Navy and the U.S. Government communications security communities. The KOV-17 was the first generation of PEIP transitioned to the Navy in support of Submarine Low-frequency/Very Low-frequency VMEbus Receiver (SLVR). It has saved millions of dollars in developmental costs and has reduced schedule risk and time. The KOV-17 is deployed on all attack submarines and ballistic missile submarines. In the future, it will be used to facilitate the implementation of cryptographic developments. For his success and impact of the PEIP development effort, Mr. Chincheck received the Department of the Navy Top Scientists and Engineers of the Year Award in 2006.

As the director for the Center for High Assurance Computer Systems, Mr. Chincheck provides a high level of active scientific guidance and direction to the organization to ensure development and execution of the branch's scientific program. He manages employees that perform research and engineering activities in the area of wireless security, computer network defense, formal methods, cryptographic solutions, computer security and software engineering.

At NRL, Mr. Chincheck had a significant role in the design and development of the Navy Key Distribution System (NKDS) that was developed to address the issues of key material vulnerability. NRL formally recognized Mr. Chincheck and the NKDS, naming it one of the NRL 75th Anniversary Awards for Innovation. Mr. Chinckeck was also the principal developer of the architecture and design of the Common Tier 1 System, which provided the final level of security and flexibility to the DoD Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) Program. He is a founding member of the Joint Key Management Technical Working Group, an active participant in the EKMS program since the inception, involved in the development of the Local Management Device/Key Processor, Data Transfer Device, and the Local COMSEC Management Software. Mr. Chincheck directed the design and development of the NRL Network Pump, an innovation cross-domain solution. For his efforts, he and three others received a patent for the Network Pump.

Since his arrival at NRL, Mr. Chincheck has worked on the design and development of COMSEC devices. He worked on the DMDG-C certification and evaluation effort in conjunction with National Security Agency (NSA) that led to the initiation of the program, Project OUTREACH. By unveiling the certification and accreditation process of devices, Mr. Chincheck helped developers to understand concerns from a security perspective. His efforts allowed developers to produce more secure devices. Project OUTREACH has since developed into a very successful multi-service and commercial vendor program that is now managed by NSA.

Mr. Chincheck is the Navy representative to the INFOSEC Research Council, Cyber Security and Information Assurance Interagency Working Group, Information Assurance Science and Technology Working Group, and is a Steering Committee Member of the DoD Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center.

Mr. Chincheck received a B.S. degree in physics and a B.S. degree in electrical engineering in 1981 and 1982 from West Virginia University, respectively. He also earned his M.S. in electrical engineering in 1983 from West Virginia University.

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