Two NRL Researchers Named Service to America Medal Finalists

9/1/2009 - 52-09r
Contact: Donna McKinney, (202) 767-2541

Two Naval Research Laboratory employees, Dr. Fran Ligler and Mr. Chris Dwyer, have been named finalists for the 2009 Service to America Medals.

Dr. Fran Ligler
These medals are presented annually by the Partnership for Public Service. The Service to American Medals are presented in eight categories: Call to Service Medal, Career Achievement Medal, Citizen Services Medal, Environment Medal, Homeland Security Medal, Justice and Law Enforcement Medal, National Security and International Affairs Medal, Science and Technology Medal.

Dr. Fran Ligler, Senior Scientist for Biosensors and Biomaterials, was honored for having "Invented and developed various sensor systems that are diagnosing infectious diseases in developing countries, monitoring the air for biothreat agents and supporting clean-up efforts at Superfund sites." She was selected a finalist for the Career Achievement Medal which recognizes significant accomplishments throughout a lifetime of achievement in public service.

Mr. Chris Dwyer, Superintendent, Space Systems Development Department, was honored for "Improved maritime safety by leading the creation of a comprehensive system to track merchant naval vessels, including the cargo and people aboard those ships." He was selected a finalist for the National Security and International Affairs Medal which recognizes a significant contribution to the nation in activities related to national security and international affairs.

Mr. Chris Dwyer

The 30 finalists come from more than 20 federal agencies including the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, Treasury and Veteran Affairs; the Central Intelligence Agency, Government Accountability Office, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, General Services Administration, Social Security Administration, U.S. Agency for International Development and NASA. From the 30 finalists, nine medal winners will be chosen, including the Federal Employee of the Year. These winners are announced in September 2009.

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