Dr. E. Joseph Friebele Named Fellow of The Optical Society of America

07/11/2012 07:00 EDT - 30-12r
Contact: Donna McKinney, (202) 767-2541

The Naval Research Laboratory's Dr. E. Joseph Friebele has been elevated to the rank of Fellow Member in OSA - The Optical Society of America. Dr. Friebele is being recognized for significant contributions to the science of radiation effects in glass and optical fibers and their underlying defect centers.

Dr. E. Joseph Friebele, a Fellow of the Optical Society of America. Dr. E. Joseph Friebele has been named a Fellow of The Optical Society of America.
(Photo: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Jamie Hartman)

Since 1992, Dr. Friebele has served as head of the Optical Materials Section in NRL's Optical Sciences Division. His research expertise is in specialty optical fibers, optical fiber materials and fabrication, fibers for high energy lasers, fiber laser amplifiers, radiation effects in optical fibers and materials and their origin, fiber Bragg grating fabrication and applications, fiber optic sensors, nonlinear effects in optical fibers, and infrared transmitting materials.

Dr. Friebele is a member of the American Ceramic Society, Optical Society of America, Sigma Xi, and Sigma Pi Sigma. He has been honored with the NRL-Edison Sigma Xi Award in Applied Science, 1996; Fellow, American Ceramic Society; Senior Member, Optical Society of America, American Ceramic Society Glass Division George W. Morey Award, 1982; NRL Research Publication Awards, 1979 and 1994; Washington Academy of Sciences Award in Physical Sciences, 1979; NRL Patent Awards: 1994, 1995 (2), 1996; and NRL Performance and Special Act Awards: 1989, 1991-2011.

Dr. Friebele has served on the Working Group on Radiation Effects and Adverse Environments on Components, Tri-Service Fiber Optics Coordinating Structure; NATO Panel IV, Research Study Group 12. Fiber Optics Nuclear Effects Task Group, Chairman; Steering Committee for DARPA Eye and Sensor Protection Program; Working Group on High Energy Laser and Surveillance Optics Survivability for SDI; and the Technical Task Group-H (Electronic Components), Controlled Commodities List. Dr. Friebele has published over 275 publications in scientific journals and four books chapters. He has given more than 150 presentations at U.S. and foreign scientific meetings, 15 invited presentations, and a NATO-AGARD lecture.

In being named an OSA Fellow, Dr. Friebele is one of just 66 individuals among OSA's regular members to be so distinguished during the current yearly cycle. Election to Fellow is based on outstanding contributions to optics through accomplishments in science and engineering, through technical leadership, and through impact on the optics community.

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