Paula Scholten Receives NRL Excellence in Mission Support Award

09/13/2013 13:15 EDT - 74-13r
Contact: Donna McKinney, (202) 767-2541

Ms. Paula Scholten, an information technology specialist in the Human Resources Office at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), has been recognized with the Laboratory's Excellence in Mission Support Award. The NRL Excellence in Mission Support Award recognizes significant contributions of the NRL support community and is the highest NRL award bestowed for the laboratory's mission support contributions.

CAPT Anthony Ferrari presents the Excellence in Mission Support Award to Paula Scholten.CAPT Anthony Ferrari, NRL's Commanding Officer, presents the Excellence in Mission Support Award to Paula Scholten.
(Photo: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory/Jamie Hartman)

Paula Scholten is cited "for her outstanding contributions to the Naval Research Laboratory in providing exceptional Information Technology support to Laboratory managers and employees." An essential part of the Human Resources Office and setting the model for a positive work ethic, Ms. Scholten's efforts to assist NRL managers through the annual Contribution-based Compensation System (CCS) pay pool process demonstrate dedicated and responsive customer service in support of the NRL mission with commitment to getting the job done in an outstanding manner.

Ms. Scholten has contributed consistently for years toward the successful implementation of the CCS pay pool process at NRL. Her involvement in every phase of the process has been the key to its success. Additionally, Ms. Scholten has been a major contributor toward the development and implementation of ONR's Personnel Demonstration Project and continues to provide support.

Ms. Scholten is the systems administrator to multiple human resources and Lab-wide applications, including CCS Data System and Requirements Document Writer, supporting the NRL Demonstration Project. Ms. Scholten and her staff are also responsible for the review, accuracy, and preparation of civilian personnel data to NRL management in the form of hard copy reports, electronic files, or raw data extracts. She administers NRL access to the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System and is also responsible for the software to accomplish and support integration of multiple networks/configurations with the automated systems imported from Office of Personnel Management, Department of Defense, and Department of the Navy including remote installations at NRL SSC and NRL Monterey.

In addition to Ms. Scholten's regular duties involving the information technology operations for the Human Resources Office, Ms. Scholten is the liaison with the Human Resources Service Center Northeast and NRL's local security office and has been instrumental in resolving data reflow issues. She oversees system coding changes and was a major contributor toward the development of ONR's Personnel Demonstration Project implemented in December 2010. She is also the Contracting Officer's Representative for two of the NRL HRO contracts: the Human Resources Services for contractors within the Human Resources Office and the Lab-wide contract for clerical support services.

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