Top 10 NRL First-Author Peer Reviewed Articles of All-Time

11/23/2016 09:30 EST - 68-16r
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Ever wonder what your fellow Naval Research Laboratory colleagues have been up to over the years?

TopTen_NRL_Peer Reviewed_Articles_All Time

As most of you know, it’s a huge effort and honor to get your hard earned research recognized by your peers. Inevitably, it’s something that most scientists and researchers are required to do, whether they are working for the government or private sector.

There have more than 45,000 NRL articles published since 1925, according to Web of Science. Below, is a compiled list of the most cited, first author, peer reviewed NRL articles of all time.

For more information about peer reviewed articles, ask your friendly NRL librarian, or check out the research library on the 3rd floor of building 43.

Top 10:

  1. Spintronics: A spin-based electronics vision for the future (2001) Times Cited: 6,698

  2. Synchronization in Chaotic Systems (1990) Times Cited: 6,003

  3. ATHENA, ARTEMIS, HEPHAESTUS: data analysis for X-ray absorption spectroscopy using IFEFFIT (2005) Times Cited: 4,028

  4. Quantum dot bioconjugates for imaging, labelling and sensing (2005) Times Cited: 3,453

  5. Band parameters for III-V compound semiconductors and their alloys (2001) Times Cited: 3,404

  6. Device physics - Magnetoelectronics (1998) Times Cited: 2,898

  7. Empirical Potential for Hydrocarbons for use in Simulating the Chemical Vapor-Deposition of Diamond Films (1990) Times Cited: 2,849

  8. Fiber grating sensors (1997) Times Cited: 1,873

  9. Are Fullerene Tubules Metallic (1992) Times Cited: 1,791

  10. Unconventional superconductivity with a sign reversal in the order parameter of LaFeAsO(1-x)F(x) (2008) Times Cited: 1,692

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