NRL Research Images

The images below are provided as a courtesy. All images are in the public domain. When using an NRL image in a publication, please provide the following photo credit, "Photo/Image provided courtesy of the Naval Research Laboratory."

GRAB satellite people working on Vanguard I Vanguard satellite Clementine image of sun rise over Venus.
NRL's GRAB satellite, launched in 1960, was the first operational intelligence satellite.

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  A team of Vanguard I scientists mount the satellite in the rocket.

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  The 3-lb, grapefruit-sized Vanguard satellite launched on March 17, 1958.

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  Color-enhanced Clementine satellite image of the sunrise and Venus over the moon.

Access all 1.8 million Clementine Lunar images at /clementine

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Sun in extreme UV spectrum comet impacting sun LASCO data galactic center
NRL spectroheliograph image of the sun, taken aboard Skylab in 1973, using the extreme ultraviolet radiation from ionized helium, 304 Angstom wavelength.

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  A 1979 image from NRL's SOLWIND experiment shows a comet colliding with the sun. It was the first positive evidence of a celestial body colliding with the sun and the first instance of a comet being discovered by satellite instrumentation.

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  Simulation of LASCO data prior to its 1995 launch on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

See near-real-time LASCO images at

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  False-color, wide-field radio image of the Galactic Center. Areas of brightness indicate intense radio emission.

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