Freedom of Information Act

The Public Affairs Office, NRL Code 1030, is designated the FOIA Coordinator and is responsible for implementing and administering the NRL FOIA Program.

All requests for records specifically or implicitly citing the FOIA which are received at NRL by any means must immediately be submitted to the PAO for initial processing.

You should find the answers to most questions regarding FOIA procedures on the webpages below. For additional questions or to inquire about the status of a FOIA request, you may contact NRL's FOIA specialist at 202-767-2541.

FOIA Criteria - Instructions on how to prepare a valid FOIA request.

Sending a FOIA Request - Instructions about how to send in your FOIA request.

FOIA Process - Information about how NRL processes your FOIA request.

FOIA Processing Time - Information about how long it will take for NRL to make a formal releasability determination or provide documents responsive to your request.

FOIA Fees - Information about how NRL determines FOIA fees and waiver eligibility.

FOIA Exemptions - Information about possible FOIA exemptions.

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