FOIA Criteria

On receipt of a valid FOIA request, NRL releases the documents requested as quickly as possible unless they are exempt from mandatory release under section (b) of 5 U.S.C. 552. If one of the nine exemptions apply, we will consider whether or not a discretionary release is appropriate before deciding to assert any exemption.

Requests for NRL documents must be submitted in written form and are not normally accepted for processing under FOIA unless the following procedural requirements are met.

1. Label both your request and its envelope "FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST."

2. Describe the specific record(s) you want in enough detail so that the FOIA Office can identify personnel familiar with the subject matter of your request who can locate the record you want with a reasonable amount of effort through a non-random search. Include descriptive information, time-frames, names of officials who may have knowledge of the records whereabouts, etc. Be as specific as possible so that we can conduct an expeditious and thorough search for the records. NRL does not maintain a centralized file room, so you need to be as specific as possible. Also, most NRL records do not qualify for permanent retention under the National Records Act and are routinely destroyed at intervals designated by the National Archives. If the record you want exists, it will most likely be located in the files of the appropriate directorate, division, branch, unit, or individual responsible for the subject matter.

3. State your willingness and ability to pay applicable search, review, and duplication fees incurred in processing your request or provide a detailed justification to support your fee waiver request.

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