NRL Publications

General Publications

NRL's Technical Information Services Branch supports the Laboratory through its editing and publishing services, and photographic and digital imaging services. General publications about NRL and its capabilities are produced by an award-winning group of editors and designers who have been recognized numerous times by the Society of Technical Communicatons and the National Association of Government Communicators. Research publications may be accessed through NRL's Ruth H. Hooker Library.

NRL's Spectra is a four-color magazine that informs of the Laboratory's advances in the areas of systems, materials science, ocean and atmospheric sciences, and space science.

The NRL Fact Book is a reference source for organizational, personnel and funding information about NRL. The Fact Book is updated every two years.

The 2017 NRL Review, published annually, is a "snapshot" of the Laboratory, highlighting featured research in selected fields and recognizing NRL personnel for major achievements.

NRL's 2013 Major Facilities book includes descriptions of NRL facilities. It is organized by directorate and division.

The NRL Guide is a descriptive listing of the Laboratory's programs and research efforts.

The 2015 Welcome Aboard brochure contains useful information for visitors to the Laboratory.

Special Interest Publications

NRL GPS Bibliography - An annotated bibliography of the origin and development of the Global Positioning Sytem at the Naval Research Laboratory.

Fulfilling the Roosevelts' Vision for American Naval Power (1923-2005) - A representative selection of achievements for which NRL was awarded the 2005 Roosevelts Gold Medal for Science from the New York Council of the Navy League of the United States.

The Clementine Collection - an early sampling of the 1.8 million images acquired by the Clementine spacecraft. The mosaics and data were the first of many in the ongoing analysis and processing of images. The Collection was published in 1994. You may also view other processed images and Clementine data sets from the Image Library.

The Plasma Formulary - a scientific manual originally developed at NRL by physicist Dave Book roughly 25 years ago, this is an often requested collection of formulas and physical parameters relevant to plasma physics. It is published as a small booklet, but is currently available online in Postscript and PDF.

Autonomous Systems Research Timeline - A timeline of NRL’s research in unmanned and autonomous systems from 1923 to 2012.

65 Years in Space: A Timeline - This timeline highlights some milestones in NRL's space program as it developed from those post–World War II years to 2011.

75th Anniversary Publications

A set of special publications commemorating NRL's 75th Anniversary, published in 1998. Much of this information appears elsewhere on the NRL website, but full pdf copies the documents are available:

75th Anniversary Awards for Innovation

Highlights of the 75th Anniversary

The Little Book of Big Achievements

Pushing the Horizon: Seventy-Five Years of High Stakes Science and Technology at the Naval Research Laboratory

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