Pointman User Interface for Dismounted Infantry Simulation

Produced by Dr. Jim Templeman and Patricia Denbrook, Immersive Simulation Section

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July 10, 2014, Duration: 10:49,

Pointman is a seated user interface for dismounted infantry simulation. It employs a head tracker, gamepad, and sliding foot pedals to give the user more precise control the movement of his avatar through a virtual environment. The Immersive Simulation Section at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) developed the Pointman user interface. This video explains how it works.

The Immersive Simulation Lab (ISL) focuses on the design and development of advanced interaction techniques: the way people apply devices to perform tasks. Our work emphasizes interaction with three-dimensional virtual environments. When a virtual environment is used to simulate real world actions, it becomes a virtual simulation. ISL has a long history of developing user interfaces for dismounted infantry simulation. Such an interface needs to afford extensive, immediate control over the actions of the user's avatar: an articulated representation of the user's body. Our work has focused on simulation for training the cognitive skills (decision-making and team coordination) involved in infantry combat. This translates into allowing trainees to look, move, and shoot with a similar level of performance as they attain in the real world.

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