TacSat-4 Encapsulation Time-Lapse

Produced by the NRL Technical Information Services Branch, Code 3430

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September 26, 2011, Duration: 02:07, In this time-lapse video, the Naval Research Laboratory's Tactical Satellite IV (TacSat-4) is encapsulated inside the fairing (nose cone) of an Orbital Sciences Corporation Minotaur-IV+ launch vehicle in preparation for a Sept. 27, 2011, launch from the Alaska Aerospace Corporation's Kodiak Launch Complex. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) sponsored the development of the payload and the first year of operations. TacSat-4 will be the 100th Naval Research Laboratory built satellite launched into a celestial orbit. See Press Release.
(U.S. Navy photos: Jamie Hartman, Naval Research Laboratory)

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