The Center for Materials Physics and Technology performs basic and applied research on functional, structural, biological, and electronic material systems. Research includes the study of the fundamental physics and properties of materials and systems across wide ranges of length and time scales. The Center pioneers new methods for studying these systems including original experimental techniques for the development of electronic devices, as well as the development of new computational methods for modeling systems. The Center develops innovative scientific and engineering solutions for systems ranging from the atomic scale through the macroscopic, and from basic physics through the prototyping of devices for naval applications.

Five sections comprise the Center for Materials Physics and Technology. Click the boxes for additional information.

Recent Publications


  • Enriched Analytical Solutions for Additive Manufacturing Modeling and Simulation | J.C. Steuben; A.J. Birnbaum; J.G. Michopoulos; A.P. Iliopoulos | Additive Manufacturing | 2019 |
  • Key Microstructural Characteristics in Flash Sintered 3YSZ Critical for Enhanced Sintering Process | H. Wang; X.L. Phuah; J. Li; T.B. Holland; K.S.N. Vikrant; Q. Li; C.S. Hellberg; N. Bernstein; R.E. Garcia; A. Mukherjee; X.H. Zhang; H.Y. Wang | Ceramics International | 2019 |
  • Modeling Apparent Camouflage-Pattern Color Using Segment-Weighted Spectra | S. Ramsey; T. Mayo; C.A. Howells; A. Shabaev; S.G. Lambrakos | Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications | 2019 |
  • Quantum Calligraphy: Writing Single-Photon Emitters in a Two-Dimensional Materials Platform | M.R. Rosenberger; C.K. Dass; H.J. Chuang; S.V. Sivaram; K.M. McCreary; J.R. Hendrickson; B.T. Jonker | ACS Nano | 2019 |


  • Bright Triplet Excitons in Caesium Lead Halide Perovskites | M.A. Becker; R. Vaxenburg; G. Nedelcu; P.C. Sercel; A. Shabaev; M.J. Mehl; J.G. Michopoulos; S.G. Lambrakos; N. Bernstein; J.L. Lyons; T. Stoferle; R.F. Mahrt; M.V. Kovalenko; D.J. Norris; G. Raino; A.L. Efros | Nature | 2018 |
  • Charging Effect at Grain Boundaries of MoS2 | C.H. Yan; X. Dong; C.H. Li; L. Li | Nanotechnology | 2018 |
  • Detecting Sign-Changing Superconducting Gap in Lifeas Using Quasiparticle Interference | D. Altenfeld; P.J. Hirschfeld; I.I. Mazin; I. Eremin | Physical Review B | 2018 |
  • Dynamic Cues for Whisker-Based Object Localization: an Analytical Solution to Vibration During Active Whisker Touch | R. Vaxenburg; I. Wyche; K. Svoboda; A.L. Efros; S.A. Hires | Plos Computational Biology | 2018 |
  • Evaluating the Potential of Using Quantum Dots for Monitoring Electrical Signals in Neurons | A.L. Efros; J.B. Delehanty; A.L. Huston; I.L. Medintz; M. Barbic; T.D. Harris | Nature Nanotechnology | 2018 |
  • Giant Spin-Splitting and Gap Renormalization Driven by Trions in Single-Layer WS2/H-Bn Heterostructures | J. Katoch; S. Ulstrup; R.J. Koch; S. Moser; K.M. McCreary; S. Singh; J.S. Xu; B.T. Jonker; R.K. Kawakami; A. Bostwick; E. Rotenberg; C. Jozwiak | Nature Physics | 2018 |
  • Imaging Spin Dynamics in Monolayer WS2 by Time-Resolved Kerr Rotation Microscopy | E.J. McCormick; M.J. Newburger; Y.K. Luo; K.M. McCreary; S. Singh; I.B. Martin; E.J. Cichewicz; B.T. Jonker; R.K. Kawakami | 2d Materials | 2018 |
  • Nano-"Squeegee" for the Creation of Clean 2d Material Interfaces | M.R. Rosenberger; H.J. Chuang; K.M. McCreary; A.T. Hanbicki; S.V. Sivaram; B.T. Jonker | ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces | 2018 |
  • Persistence Length, End-to-End Distance, and Structure of Coarse-Grained Polymers | K.M. Salerno; N. Bernstein | Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation | 2018 |
  • Quantum Oscillations and Dirac Dispersion in the Baznbi2 Semimetal Guaranteed by Local Zn Vacancy Order | K. Zhao; E. Golias; Q.H. Zhang; M. Krivenkov; A. Jesche; L. Gu; O. Rader; I.I. Mazin; P. Gegenwart | Physical Review B | 2018 |