The Center for Materials Physics and Technology performs basic and applied research on functional, structural, biological, and electronic material systems. Research includes the study of the fundamental physics and properties of materials and systems across wide ranges of length and time scales. The Center pioneers new methods for studying these systems including original experimental techniques for the development of electronic devices, as well as the development of new computational methods for modeling systems. The Center develops innovative scientific and engineering solutions for systems ranging from the atomic scale through the macroscopic, and from basic physics through the prototyping of devices for naval applications.

Five sections comprise the Center for Materials Physics and Technology. Click the boxes for additional information.

Recent Publications


  • Ordered Structure of FeGe2 Formed During Solid-Phase Epitaxy | B. Jenichen; M. Hanke; S. Gaucher; A. Trampert; J. Herfort; H. Kirmse; B. Haas; E. Willinger; X. Huang; S.C. Erwin | Physical Review Materials | 2018 |
  • Parametric Modeling of NIR and SWIR Reflectance Spectra for Dye Mixtures in Fabrics Using Reference Spectra | R. Viger; S. Ramsey; T. Mayo; S.G. Lambrakos | Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery | 2018 |
  • Phase-Field Modeling of Nugget Zone for a AZ31-Mg-Alloy Friction Stir Weld | C.G. Prosgolitis; S.G. Lambrakos; A.D. Zervaki | Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance | 2018 |
  • Realistic Atomistic Structure of Amorphous Silicon from Machine-Learning-Driven Molecular Dynamics | V.L. Deringer; N. Bernstein; A.P. Bartok; M.J. Cliffe; R.N. Kerber; L.E. Marbella; C.P. Grey; S.R. Elliott; G. Csanyi | Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters | 2018 |
  • Relation Between Single-Molecule Properties and Phase Behavior of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins | G.L. Dignon; W.W. Zheng; R.B. Best; Y.C. Kim; J. Mittal | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America | 2018 |
  • Representing Crack Growth in Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V | R. Jones; J.G. Michopoulos; A.P. Iliopoulos; R.K.S. Raman; N. Phan; T. Nguyen | International Journal of Fatigue | 2018 |
  • Role of Many-Body Interactions in the Structure of Coarse-Grained Polymers | K.M. Salerno; N. Bernstein | Physical Review E | 2018 |
  • Simulating ATR Spectra for Detecting Nerve Agent-Sorbent Binding | M.R. Papantonakis; C.A. Roberts; A. Shabaev; Y. Kim; R.A. McGill; C.A. Kendziora; R. Furstenberg; S.G. Lambrakos | Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (Cbrne) Sensing Xix | 2018 |
  • Structural, Magnetic and Transport Properties of SmBa(x)Sr(1-X)Co2O(5+delta) (0.1 ≪= X ≪= 0.5) | S.N. Qadri; S.B. Qadri; D.H. Wu; R. Goswami; M. Osofsky | AIP Advances | 2018 |
  • Testing Dynamical System Variables for Reconstruction | T.L. Carroll | Chaos | 2018 |
  • Uncovering the Mechanism of the Impurity-Selective Mott Transition in Paramagnetic V2O3 | F. Lechermann; N. Bernstein; I.I. Mazin; R. Valenti | Physical Review Letters | 2018 |
  • Using Reservoir Computers to Distinguish Chaotic Signals | T.L. Carroll | Physical Review E | 2018 |


  • A Parametric Model of NIR and SWIR Reflectance Spectra for Dyed Fabrics | S. Ramsey; T. Mayo; S.G. Lambrakos | Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications | 2017 |
  • Adsorption-Induced Deformation of Hierarchically Structured Mesoporous Silica Effect of Pore-Level Anisotropy | C. Balzer; A.M. Waag; S. Gehret; G. Reichenauer; F. Putz; N. Husing; O. Paris; N. Bernstein; G.Y. Gor; A.V. Neimark | Langmuir | 2017 |
  • An Intrinsic Growth Instability in Isotropic Materials Leads to Quasi-Two-Dimensional Nanoplatelets | A. Riedinger; F.D. Ott; A. Mule; S. Mazzotti; P.N. Knusel; S.J.P. Kress; F. Prins; S.C. Erwin; D.J. Norris | Nature Materials | 2017 |
  • Communication with Unstable Basis Functions | T.L. Carroll | Chaos Solitons & Fractals | 2017 |
  • Constant-Pressure Nested Sampling with Atomistic Dynamics | R.J.N. Baldock; N. Bernstein; K.M. Salerno; L.B. Partay; G. Csanyi | Physical Review E | 2017 |
  • Deep Donor State of the Copper Acceptor as a Source of Green Luminescence in ZnO | J.L. Lyons; A. Alkauskas; A. Janotti; A. Janotti | Applied Physics Letters | 2017 |
  • Delamination Growth in Polymer-Matrix Fibre Composites and the Use of Fracture Mechanics Data for Material Characterisation and Life Prediction | R. Jones; A.J. Kinloch; J.G. Michopoulos; A.J. Brunner; N. Phan | Composite Structures | 2017 |
  • Dimension from Covariance Matrices | T.L. Carroll | Chaos | 2017 |
  • Double-Stage Nematic Bond Ordering Above Double Stripe Magnetism: Application to BaTi2Sb2O | G. Zhang; J.K. Glasbrenner; R. Flint; I.I. Mazin; R.M. Fernandes | Physical Review B | 2017 |