The Center for Materials Physics and Technology performs basic and applied research on functional, structural, biological, and electronic material systems. Research includes the study of the fundamental physics and properties of materials and systems across wide ranges of length and time scales. The Center pioneers new methods for studying these systems including original experimental techniques for the development of electronic devices, as well as the development of new computational methods for modeling systems. The Center develops innovative scientific and engineering solutions for systems ranging from the atomic scale through the macroscopic, and from basic physics through the prototyping of devices for naval applications.

Five sections comprise the Center for Materials Physics and Technology. Click the boxes for additional information.

Recent Publications


  • Double-Stage Nematic Bond Ordering Above Double Stripe Magnetism: Application to BaTi2Sb2O | G. Zhang; J.K. Glasbrenner; R. Flint; I.I. Mazin; R.M. Fernandes | Physical Review B | 2017 |
  • Estimated Permittivity Functions for NIR and SWIR Absorbing Dyes by Inverse Analysis of Transmission Spectra | S. Ramsey; T. Mayo; S.G. Lambrakos | Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications | 2017 |
  • Evidence for Chemical Vapor Induced 2H to 1T Phase Transition in MoX2 (X = Se, S) Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Films | A.L. Friedman; A.T. Hanbicki; F.K. Perkins; G.G. Jernigan; J.C. Culbertson; P.M. Campbell | Scientific Reports | 2017 |
  • First-Principles Characterization of Native-Defect-Related Optical Transitions in ZnO | J.L. Lyons; J.B. Varley; D. Steiauf; A. Janotti; C.G. Van de Walle | Journal of Applied Physics | 2017 |
  • High Snr Single Measurements of Trace Gas Phase Spectra at Thz Frequencies | B. Graber; C. Kim; D.H. Wu | Applied Physics Letters | 2017 |
  • In-Situ Measurements of Lattice Expansion Related to Defect Generation During Flash Sintering | J.M. Lebrun; C.S. Hellberg; S.K. Jha; W.M. Kriven; A. Steveson; K.C. Seymour; N. Bernstein; S.C. Erwin; R. Raj | Journal of the American Ceramic Society | 2017 |
  • Inverse Thermal Analysis of Alloy 690 Laser and Hybrid Laser-GMA Welds Using Solidification-Boundary Constraints | S.G. Lambrakos | Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance | 2017 |
  • Machine Learning Unifies the Modeling of Materials and Molecules | A.P. Bartok; S. De; C. Poelking; N. Bernstein; J.R. Kermode; G. Csanyi; M. Ceriotti | Science Advances | 2017 |
  • Magnetic Polaron on Dangling-Bond Spins in CdSe Colloidal Nanocrystals | L. Biadala; E.V. Shornikova; A.V. Rodina; D.R. Yakovlev; B. Siebers; T. Aubert; M. Nasilowski; Z. Hens; B. Dubertret; A.L. Efros; M. Bayer | Nature Nanotechnology | 2017 |
  • Nature of Optical Excitations in the Frustrated Kagome Compound Herbertsmithite | A. Pustogow; Y. Li; I. Voloshenko; P. Puphal; C. Krellner; I.I. Mazin; M. Dressel; R. Valenti | Physical Review B | 2017 |
  • On Investigating the Thermomechanical Properties of Cross-Linked Epoxy Via Molecular Dynamics Analysis | Y. Fu; J.G. Michopoulos; J.H. Song | Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering | 2017 |
  • Optical Polarization of Excitons and Trions Under Continuous and Pulsed Excitation in Single Layers of WSe2 | A.T. Hanbicki; M. Currie; G. Kioseoglou; C.S. Hellberg; A.L. Friedman; B.T. Jonker | Nanoscale | 2017 |
  • Oxygen-Induced Giant Grain Growth in Ag Films | A.J. Birnbaum; C.V. Thompson; J.C. Steuben; A.P. Iliopoulos; J.G. Michopoulos | Applied Physics Letters | 2017 |
  • Parity Breaking in a Double Atomic Chain System | J. Aulbach; S.C. Erwin; J. Kemmer; M. Bode; J. Schafer; R. Claessen | Physical Review B | 2017 |
  • Photoluminescence Enhancement through Symmetry Breaking Induced by Defects in Nanocrystals | P.C. Sercel; A. Shabaev; A.L. Efros | Nano Letters | 2017 |
  • Ripening of Semiconductor Nanoplatelets | F.D. Ott; A. Riedinger; D.R. Ochsenbein; P.N. Knusel; S.C. Erwin; M. Mazzotti; D.J. Norris | Nano Letters | 2017 |
  • Stable Structures and Absorption Spectra for Si(x)O(y) Molecular Clusters Using Density Functional Theory | L. Huang; S.G. Lambrakos; L. Massa | Structural Chemistry | 2017 |
  • Thermomechanical Failure Response of Notched NiTi Coupons | A.P. Iliopoulos; J.C. Steuben; T. Kirk; T. Baxevanis; J.G. Michopoulos; D.C. Lagoudas | International Journal of Solids and Structures | 2017 |
  • Understanding Variations in Circularly Polarized Photoluminescence in Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides | K.M. McCreary; M. Currie; A.T. Hanbicki; H.J. Chuang; B.T. Jonker | ACS Nano | 2017 |


  • Calculation of Vibrational and Electronic Excited-State Absorption Spectra of Arsenic-Water Complexes Using Density Functional Theory | L. Huang; S.G. Lambrakos; A. Shabaev; L. Massa | Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery XXII | 2016 |