The Center for Materials Physics and Technology performs basic and applied research on functional, structural, biological, and electronic material systems. Research includes the study of the fundamental physics and properties of materials and systems across wide ranges of length and time scales. The Center pioneers new methods for studying these systems including original experimental techniques for the development of electronic devices, as well as the development of new computational methods for modeling systems. The Center develops innovative scientific and engineering solutions for systems ranging from the atomic scale through the macroscopic, and from basic physics through the prototyping of devices for naval applications.

Five sections comprise the Center for Materials Physics and Technology. Click the boxes for additional information.

Recent Publications


  • Calculation of Vibrational and Electronic Excited-State Absorption Spectra of Arsenic-Water Complexes Using Density Functional Theory | L. Huang; S.G. Lambrakos; A. Shabaev; L. Massa | Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery XXII | 2016 |
  • Determination of Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of G-10 Composite Via Direct Strain Imaging | A.P. Iliopoulos; J.C. Steuben; J.G. Michopoulos | Polymer Testing | 2016 |
  • Diffraction at GaAs/Fe3Si Core/Shell Nanowires: the Formation of Nanofacets | B. Jenichen; M. Hanke; M. Hilse; J. Herfort; A. Trampert; S.C. Erwin | AIP Advances | 2016 |
  • Direct Observation of Photoexcited Hole Localization in CdSe Nanorods | Y. Yang; K.F. Wu; A. Shabaev; A.L. Efros; T.Q. Lian; M.C. Beard | ACS Energy Letters | 2016 |
  • Electrical Detection of the Helical Spin Texture in a p-type Topological Insulator Sb2Te3 | C.H. Li; O.M.J. van Erve; Y.Y. Li; L. Li; B.T. Jonker | Scientific Reports | 2016 |
  • Grid-Based Partitioning for Comparing Attractors | T.L. Carroll | Physical Review E | 2016 |
  • Homoepitaxial Graphene Tunnel Barriers for Spin Transport | A.L. Friedman; O.M.J.Van' Erve; J.T. Robinson; K.E. Whitener; B.T. Jonker | AIP Advances | 2016 |
  • Inverse Thermal Analysis of Steel Welds Using Solidification-Boundary Constraints | S.G. Lambrakos | Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance | 2016 |
  • Modulus-Pressure Equation for Confined Fluids | G.Y. Gor; D.W. Siderius; V.K. Shen; N. Bernstein | Journal of Chemical Physics | 2016 |
  • On the Feasibility of Crack Propagation Tracking and Full Field Strain Imaging Via a Strain Compatibility Functional and the Direct Strain Imaging Method | A. Iliopoulos; J.G. Michopoulos | International Journal of Impact Engineering | 2016 |
  • Optical Polarization and Intervalley Scattering in Single Layers of MoS2 and MoSe2 | G. Kioseoglou; M. Currie; A.L. Friedman; B.T. Jonker | Scientific Reports | 2016 |
  • Oxygen Character in the Density of States as an Indicator of the Stability of Li-Ion Battery Cathode Materials | M.D. Johannes; K. Swider-Lyons; C.T. Love | Solid State Ionics | 2016 |
  • Parametric Models of Reflectance Spectra for Dyed Fabrics | D.C. Aiken; S. Ramsey; T. Mayo; S.G. Lambrakos; J. Peak | Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies IX | 2016 |
  • Protein Composition Determines the Effect of Crowding on the Properties of Disordered Proteins | C.M. Miller; Y.C. Kim; J. Mittal | Biophysical Journal | 2016 |
  • Revisiting Bangham's Law of Adsorption-Induced Deformation: Changes of Surface Energy and Surface Stress | G.Y. Gor; N. Bernstein | Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics | 2016 |
  • Spin-Orbit Driven Peierls Transition and Possible Exotic Superconductivity in CsW2O6 | S.V. Streltsov; I.I. Mazin; R. Heid; K.P. Bohnen | Physical Review B | 2016 |


  • A Multiphysics Theory for the Static Contact of Deformable Conductors with Fractal Rough Surfaces | J.G. Michopoulos; M. Young; A. Iliopoulos | IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science | 2015 |
  • A Tale of Two Sites: On Defining the Carrier Concentration in Garnet-Based Ionic Conductors for Advanced Li Batteries | T. Thompson; A. Sharafi; M.D. Johannes; A. Huq; J.L. Allen; J. Wolfenstine; J. Sakamoto | Advanced Energy Materials | 2015 |
  • Calculation of Electronic-Excited-State Absorption Spectra of Water Clusters Using Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory | L. Huang; S.G. Lambrakos; A. Shabaev; L. Massa | Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery Xxi | 2015 |
  • Dynamics of Intraband and Interband Auger Processes in Colloidal Core-Shell Quantum Dots | F.T. Rabouw; R. Vaxenburg; A.A. Bakulin; R.J.A. van Dijk-Moes; H.J. Bakker; A. Rodina; E. Lifshitz; A.L. Efros; A.F. Koenderink; D. Vanmaekelbergh | ACS Nano | 2015 |
  • Elastic Response of Mesoporous Silicon to Capillary Pressures in the Pores | G.Y. Gor; L. Bertinetti; N. Bernstein; T. Hofmann; P. Fratzl; P. Huber | Applied Physics Letters | 2015 |
  • Electron Pairing Without Superconductivity | G.L. Cheng; M. Tomczyk; S.C. Lu; J.P. Veazey; M.C. Huang; P. Irvin; S. Ryu; H. Lee; C.B. Eom; C.S. Hellberg; J. Levy | Nature | 2015 |
  • Energy Splitting of Image States Induced by the Surface Potential Corrugation of InAs(111) A | J. Martinez-Blanco; S.C. Erwin; K. Kanisawa; S. Folsch | Physical Review B | 2015 |