The mission of the CMSL group is to conduct basic and applied research on:

  • Modeling the behavior of multi-field and multi-domain systems, with special attention to composite materials and structures under generalized loading.
  • Developing computational, theoretical, and experimental, approaches applied to continuum systems modeling in order to measure, analyze, model and predict systemic, material and structural behavior.
  • Developing computational methodologies and systems that can enable design and systemic tailoring to desired behavior of systems and structures under multiple generalized (mechanical, thermal, environmental, electromagnetic) loading conditions,
  • Applying the developed resources for systemic qualification and certification for usage in military platforms, structural reliability and maintenance assessment, structural and material performance optimization to meet the needs of the Navy,
  • Developing computational synthetic environments for the simulation of material and structural behavior as a vehicle for interactive technology transfer.

The vision of our group is to:

  • Contribute in providing enabling technology to the continuum systems modeling and composite materials community such as computationally enabled efficient, inexpensive and reliable methodologies for addressing the needs of system builders, qualifiers, certifiers and users,
  • Provide underlying technology and support that will allow individual technologists to add value based on their individual domain expertise,
  • Establish means that allow capturing of previous individual and collective experiences and lessons learned in an integrating and lossless manner, for all those technologists that are involved in solving problems, to be benefited not only from one's individual progress but also from the collective one, become a leading organization in enabling the utilization of the measured behavioral response of continuum systems.