Electromagnetic railgun NRL Railgun Group Receives Award of Merit

The NRL Award of Merit for Group Achievement was presented to the NRL Railgun Group on October 31. The NRL Group: Plasma Physics, Material Science & Technology, and Chemistry Divisions demonstrated, at the conclusion of the program, the one-thousandth successful firing of its Electromagnetic Railgun, reaching a materials testing milestone in the weapon's technological development and future implementation aboard U.S. Navy warships

Housed in a floating structure, the Nd:YAG laser (bottom left) generates underwater acoustic pulses, which travel to a distant hydrophone-equipped boat (bottom right). NRL Successfully Completes Laser Acoustic Field Demonstrations

New laser acoustic propagation experiments, performed at the Lake Glendora Test Facility of Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane, expanded and improved on initial 2010 tests. A Plasma Physics Division research team led by Dr. Ted Jones made the first intermediate distance acoustic directivity measurements of their novel underwater photoionization laser acoustic source in June 2011. In addition, their preliminary analysis indicates that the acoustic detection distance doubled in the new tests to 280 meters, thereby expanding the potential applications of this Navy acoustic source.

Top: experimental (solid line) and simulated (dotted line) time histories of the areal mass modulation of 45 μm wavelength in a 125 μm thick target. Bottom: areal mass perturbations obtained from the streak image of an x-ray backlit target. Experiments on Nike KrF Laser Advance Basic Understanding of Impulsively Shocked Matter at High Pressures

Two experiments on the Nike krypton fluoride laser explored the interactions of high pressure shocks with targets that had imposed sinusoidal ripples on their surface. Both experiments utilized laser beams to generate high pressure shocks and both utilized laser generated x rays to probe interactions of the shocks with the target.

Electra Laser Facility Laser Fusion Program Develops Inertial Fusion Technology

NRL research is developing the science and technologies necessary for clean, abundant energy, based on inertial fusion using the electron beam-pumped krypton fluoride (KrF) laser.