Ocean Science and Technology

NRL's research is focused on understanding and modeling ocean, coastal, and littoral area hydro/thermodynamics, circulation, waves, ice dynamics, air-sea exchange, optics, and small and microscale processes; and on the investigation and application of microbiological processes to Navy problems. NRL's marine geosciences research provides digital databases, geoacoustics and geophysical models, and simulations to support training, system design, performance prediction, and operational needs of the Navy. Download the Ocean Science and Technology section research articles here Ocean_2011.pdf.

Research Articles

  • Mixture Theory Model of Vortex Sand Ripple Dynamics
    A.M. Penko and J. Calantoni

  • High-Performance ISR Exploitation with the Geospatial Hub
    E.Z. Ioup, J.T. Sample, and B.Y. Lin

  • Underwater Applications of Compressive Sensing
    G.F. Edelmann and C.F. Gaumond

Research Groups

  • Acoustics Division, 7100
    • Physical Acoustics, 7130
    • Acoustic Signal Processing and Systems, 7160
    • Acoustic Simulation, Measurements & Tactics, 7180

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