The Radio, Infrared, and Optical Sensors Branch conducts programs of research and analysis in:

  • The distribution and characteristics of background terrestrial and extraterrestrial sources of radio, infrared, and optical radiation
  • The impact of environmental conditions on such radiation
  • Related areas of astrophysics, atmospheric science, oceanography, radiation transfer, radio propagation, sensor technology, and associated techniques in electronics, cryogenics, and computer analysis

The Branch investigates new applications in areas of interest to the Navy, such as precise time and position determination, remote sensing, environmental characterization, and surveillance. The methods used in these investigations are both experimental (involving ground-based, airborne, and space-based experiments) and theoretical.

The Branch is particularly interested in providing opportunities for students and postdoctoral fellows. There are a variety of programs supporting this. The primary avenues used are the NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

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