The Aerosol and Lidar Physics Section provides the United States Navy with state-of-the-art aerosol measurement/modeling capability and laser radar (lidar) system design and applications development.


Operation of a powerful eye-safe volume imaging lidar to provide high resolution maps (often better than 1 m) of aerosol structures over ranges of 5 to 10 km. The system has a real-time display and is capable of measuring wind profiles, turbulence, boundary layer depth, cloud height, and optical refraction. The transmitter uses a unique dual gas cell system for generating near-infrared radiation. NRL holds the patent for the gas cell system.
Development and use of a sophisticated 1-dimensional micro-physical aerosol numerical model, MARine Boundary Layer aErosol Model (MARBLES), to predict the size, number, and composition of aerosol particles in the Marine Boundary Layer. The model can be used to estimate the wavelength dependence of optical extinction.

Recent Accomplishments

We recently completed experiments with NRL's Marine Meterology Division and NRL's Radar Division. With the Marine Meterology Division, we measured meteorological conditions, aerosol spectra, and aerosol scattering. In conjunction with the Radar Division, we experimented on the dispersion of bio-aerosol from an aerostat.




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