The Middle Atmosphere Physics Section conducts a basic research program in remote sensing, data analysis, and data assimilation of the upper troposphere (~10km), stratosphere (~10km-50km), and mesosphere (~50km-80km). The Section has been making ground-based microwave measurements of middle atmospheric water vapor since 1992 (the Water Vapor Mm-wave Spectrometer (WVMS) program), and undertook an extensive program of polar research as part of the Polar Ozone and Aerosol Measurement (POAM) solar occultation satellite missions (POAM II: 1993-1996; POAM III 1998-2005). The POAM measurements led to an ongoing research program aimed at better understanding the injection of smoke from forest fires into the stratosphere. There is also an ongoing program to assimilate middle atmospheric measurements into the Navy's global weather forecast-assimilation system.

Selected Projects: