TitleVLITE-Fast: A Real-time, 350 MHz Commensal VLA Survey for Fast Transients,
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsKerr, M, Ray, P, Kassim, N, Clarke, T, Deneva, J
Conference Namemerican Astronomical Society Meeting #231

The VLITE (VLA Low Band Ionosphere and Transient Experiment; http://vlite.nrao.edu) program operates commensally during all Very Large Array observations, collecting data from 320 to 384 MHz. Recently expanded to include 16 antennas, the large field of view and huge time on sky offer good coverage of the transient, low-frequency sky. We describe the VLITE-Fast system, a GPU-based signal processor capable of detecting short (<1s) transients in real time and triggering recording of baseband voltage for offline imaging. In the case of Fast Radio Bursts, this offers the opportunity for discovering host galaxies of non-repeating FRBs, and in the case of single pulses, the identification of pulsar positions for dedicated follow-up. We describe the observing system, techniques for mitigating interference, and initial results from searches for FRBs.