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Conference Paper
J. Fischer, Allen, R., Dudley, C., Satyapal, S., Luhman, M. L., Wolfire, M. G., and Smith, H. A., Photoionization Modeling of Infrared Fine Structure Lines in Luminous Galaxies with Central Dust-Bounded Nebulae, in ASP Conference Series “Spectroscopic Challenges of Photoionized Plasmas., 2001. (136.38 KB)
Journal Article
M. L. Luhman, Satyapal, S., Fischer, J., Wolfire, M. G., Sturm, E., Dudley, C., Lutz, D., and Genzel, R., The [Cii] 158 Micron Line Deficit in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies Revisited, The Astrophysical Journal, vol. 594, pp. 758–775, 2003. (703.91 KB)
M. L. Luhman, Satyapal, S., Fischer, J., Wolfire, M. G., Cox, P., Lord, S. D., Smith, H. A., Stacey, G. J., and Unger, S. J., Infrared Space ObservatoryMeasurements of a [C II] 158 Micron Line Deficitin Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies, The Astrophysical Journal, vol. 504, pp. L11–L15, 1998. (163.24 KB)
S. J. Unger, Clegg, P. E., Stacey, G. J., Cox, P., Fischer, J., Greenhouse, M. A., Lord, S. D., Luhman, M. L., Satyapal, S., Smith, H. A., Spinoglio, L., and Wolfire, M. G., ISO-LWS spectroscopy of Centaurus A: extended star formation, Astronomy & Astrophysics, vol. 355, pp. 885–890, 2000. (344.68 KB)
J. Fischer, Shier, L. M., Luhman, M. L., Satyapal, S., Smith, H. A., Stacey, G. J., Unger, S. J., Greenhouse, M. A., Spinoglio, L., Malkan, M. A., Lord, S. D., Miles, J. W., Shure, M. A., Clegg, P. E., Ade, P. A. R., Armand, C., Burgdorf, M., Church, S. E., Davis, G. R., Di Giorgio, A., Ewart, D., Furniss, I., Glencross, W. M., Gry, C., Lim, T., Molinari, S., Nguyen-Rieu, Q., Price, M. C., Sidher, S. D., Smith, A., Swinyard, B. M., Texier, D., Trams, N. R., and Wolfire, M. G., LWS Observations of the Colliding Galaxies NGC4038/39, Astronomy & Astrophysics, vol. 315, pp. L97-L100, 1996. (122.33 KB)