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Conference Paper
T. Clarke, Kassim, N., Giacintucci, S., Hicks, B., Kooi, J., Peters, W., and Polisensky, E., A Next Generation Low Band Observatory: A Community Study Exploring Low Frequency Options for ngVLA, 2017.
N. Kassim, Clarke, T., Giacintucci, S., Helmboldt, J., Ray, P., Peters, W., Polisensky, E., Hicks, B., Deneva, J., and Kerr, M., The Path from VLITE to ngLOBO: A Roadmap for Evolving a Low Frequency Commensal System from the JVLA to the ngVLA, in AAS Meeting #231, 2018.
E. Polisensky, Peters, W., Giacintucci, S., Clarke, T., and Kassim, N., Searching for MHz Transients with the VLA Low-band Ionosphere and Transient Experiment (VLITE), in American Astronomical Society, 2018.
N. Kassim, Clarke, T., Ray, P., Polisensky, E., Peters, W., Giacintucci, S., Helmboldt, J., Hicks, B., and Deneva, J., Update on the Commensal VLA Low-band Ionosphere and Transient Experiment (VLITE), in AAS Meeting #229, 2017.
E. Polisensky, Giacintucci, S., Lane-Peters, W., Clarke, T., and Kassim, N., VLITE meter-wavelength detection of MAXI J1820+070 at 339 MHz, presented at the 04/2018, 2018.
N. Kassim, Giacintucci, S., Lane-Peters, W., Clarke, T., Polisensky, E., Helmboldt, J., Ray, P., and Deneva, J., VLITE meter-wavelength detection of V404 Cyg at 341 MHz, in Astronomer's Telegram, 2015.
W. Peters, Clarke, T., Richards, E., Giacintucci, S., and Kassim, N., VLITE Surveys the Sky: A 340 MHz Companion to the VLA Sky Survey (VLASS), in American Astronomical Society Meeting #231, 2017.
T. Clarke, Mroczkowski, T., and Giacintucci, S., White Paper: Radio Emission and Polarization Properties of Galaxy Clusters with VLASS, presented at the 02/2014, 2014.