The Spacecraft Engineering Department includes four branches:

  • Design, Test and Processing Branch (Code 8210) - Designs, fabricates, and tests NCST spacecraft hardware and provides systems engineering support for new spacecraft proposals. The Branch has start-to-finish responsibility for the mechanical components of NCST spacecraft.
  • Systems Analysis Branch (Code 8220) - Provides mechanical engineering analysis and integrated conceptual design, conducts applied research in spacecraft engineering, develops prototype hardware, and develops and integrates experimental payloads.
  • Control Systems Branch (Code 8230) - Develops attitude control, reaction control, and propulsion systems for all NRL satellites. Code 8230 also performs analysis in navigation, tracking, and orbit dynamics.
  • Space Electronics Systems Development Branch (Code 8240) - Designs and implements space system concepts and antenna systems, uses radio frequency in the development and assimilation of antenna systems for NCST, builds electromechanical systems, and employs real-time flight software and embedded command control.