Basic Responsibilities: The Spacecraft Engineering Department (SED) is the focal point for the Navy's capability to design and build spacecraft. Activities range from concept and feasibility planning to on-orbit IOC for NRL's space systems. The SED provides spacecraft bus expertise for the Navy and maintains an active in-house capability to develop satellites; manages Navy space programs through engineering support and technical direction; in concert with the Space Systems Development Department, designs, assembles and tests spacecraft and space experiments, including all aspects of space, launch, and ground support; analyzes and designs structures, mechanisms, and a variety of control systems, including attitude, propulsion, reaction, and thermal; integrates satellite designs, launch vehicles, and satellite-to-boost stages; functions as a prototype laboratory to ensure that designs can be transferred to industry and incorporated into subsequent satellite hardware builds; and consults with the Navy Program Office on technical issues involving spacecraft architecture, acquisition, and operation.

Personnel: 118 full-time civilian; 26 student civilian; 1 intermittent civilian.

Point of Contact: Administrative Office: 202-767-6412