Current Experiment Status

This page provides a periodically-updated snapshot of important RAIDS system status quick-look information from the real-time telemetry stream. Each of the following images is a hyperlink to a high-resolution version of the plot.

Status Report from Thu Jul 9 23:10:01 2020 (UT)

RAIDS status not available.
No data.

Position, Attitude, and Pointing

ISS Pitch 24 last 24 hrs
ISS Pitch 24 per orbit
ISS Yaw 24 last 24 hrs
ISS Yaw 24 per orbit
ISS Orbit Radius per orbit
ISS Sun Beta Angle (Current)
ISS Sun Beta Angle (Future)
RAIDS Scan Platform Angle
RAIDS Viewing Altitudes

Sensor Count Rates

EUV count rate
MUV count rate
NUV count rate
NIR count rate
630nm count rate
765nm count rate
777nm count rate

Other Diagnostics


Hardware temperatures
NIR PMT Temperatures