SWORD can model from detonation spectrum to input spectrum into silicon die
SWORD can model from detonation spectrum to input spectrum into silicon die

Provide a vertically integrated radiation transport software tool for graphically setting up, running, and analyzing results from numerical simulation of high energy radiation detection systems and other systems that operate in a high energy radiation environment. Realistic radiation transport simulations provide a cost-effective means to investigate and optimize instruments and systems for defense, homeland security, and space science applications. SWORD enables developers and technical evaluators to assess instruments and systems in relevant radiation environments, without actual hardware, using a single software package that does not have a steep learning curve to implement.


  • NRL is SWORD PI institution for the DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
  • SWORD provides an integrated package that includes:
    • A graphical CAD system for designing the simulated scenario, including geometries, radiation, and detector properties
    • A standard library of pre-defined objects of interest (e.g., vehicles, containers), radiation spectra, and COTS detectors; and ability to ingest GIS and CTDB data to automatically generate scenes or cities for use in the simulations
    • Handling of very complex geometries (> 100,000 objects), and seamlessly integrated spectrum and image analysis tools
    • Support for two of the most commonly used radiation transport engines: GEANT4 (CERN) and MCNPX (LANL)
    • Increasingly expanding support for additional simulation engines: ADVANTG/Denovo (ORNL), GADRAS (SNL)
  • SWORD is made available to users through the Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) at ORNL


  • SWORD, an NRL-developed package to enable radiation transport modeling of complex scenes and geometries, is the primary tool for simulating radiological/nuclear environments for DNDO, the ONR Maritime Weapons of Mass Destruction Detection Program (M-WMD-D), and the DTRA Operations Research, Modeling & Analysis Office (J91SM)
  • The SWORD Team was recognized with the FY11 DoD Value Engineering Achievement Award for their efforts to reduce cost to the government through the use of simulation
  • SWORD builds on years of NRL Space Science simulation experience for development of orbiting gamma-ray detectors
  • NRL releases new versions of SWORD annually to RSICC (v5.0beta in FY13), and has more than 120 current users