The SuperMISTI instrument, a large gamma-ray imaging system built for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) under the auspices of the Maritime Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Detection program, provides a deployable system for the detection and identification of special nuclear material from stand-off distances.
The detection system can be used both in passive detection mode and in active interrogation mode with interrogating beams.

Build deployable system with imaging and spectroscopy:

  • Spectroscopy provides unambiguous isotope identification
  • Imaging provides source location
  • Entire system is in standard (ISO) 20-ft shipping container

Future plans:

  • Participate in active interrogation tests with distances up to a mile
  • Participate in passive detection campaign with real objects in collaboration with AWE (UK)
  • Participate in ONR-WMD Detection test campaigns


  • NRL SuperMisti demonstrated detection and imaging for passive detection with distances to source > 400 feet
  • Successfully demonstrated use of SuperMISTI in active interrogation environment
  • Successfully demonstrated use of SuperMISTI in diverse range of on-water experiments, e.g. ONR’s MANTA in summer 2012