Description: The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed CT-Analyst®, a tool that provides accurate, instantaneous, 3D predictions of chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) agent transport in urban settings. In the past, more accuracy has always meant more computing and more computing means more delay. Waiting even a fraction of a minute for a simplified scenario computation can be far too long for timely situation assessment. Therefore, CT-Analyst® uses the best computations possible prepared well ahead of time and captures their salient results in a highly compressed database to be manipulated and displayed instantly. A detailed, citywide model of dynamic urban airflow supplies a cutting-edge 3D database of agent airflow to power CT-Analyst®. The accuracy of full 3D fluid dynamics simulations with meter-scale resolution is placed at the fingertips of first-responders and emergency managers, in a visual, easy-to-comprehend form with zero time delay.

Advantages/Features Include:

  • ACCURATE: 80-90% as accurate as state-of-the-art 3D time-accurate CFD, based on a quantitative Figure of Merit
  • FLEXIBLE: Unique new features include graphical sensor fusion,forward and reverse plumes, rotate winds, source backtrack, evacuation and building infiltration
  • FAST ("zero latency"): 100 to 10000 times faster than real time; Instant visual interpretation and comprehension

Applications Include:

  • Civilian and military emergency response planning, training, and event management

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