A qualified Type V epoxy nonskid (left) compared to NRL’s siloxane nonskid (right) after six months of exterior exposure on the USS MASON (DDG-87).

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed a novel siloxane-based nonskid and topside coatings for Navy surface ships. The siloxane nonskid is a two-component (2K) system with a 4:1 mix ratio (by volume) that is applied via roll or spray to generate a rough profile. The topside coating is a single-component (1K) system that does not require the mixing of components and is applied via spray, brush, or roll. Both coatings are being qualified to MIL-Spec. requirements.


  • Enhanced performance.
  • Longer service life.
  • Reduced corrosion compared to currently qualified nonskid and topside coatings.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs for Navy feet.

Applications Areas:

  • Maritime ship and structures
  • Marine structures (e.g. oil rigs)
  • Process plants
  • Pleasure watercraft
  • Helicopter landing zones
  • Public walkways, ramps, and stairwells
  • Rail cars

NRL’s single-component (1K) semigloss siloxane topside coating on a bulkhead of the USS CHOSIN (CG-65).

Sprayed siloxane nonskid on the boat deck of the USS LABOON (DDG-58).

Licensing and Collaboration Opportunities:
US Patent No. 8,133,964; 9,006,307; 9,034,946; 9,139,753 and US Patent Publication No. US20150291837A1 are available for license to companies with commercial interest. Collaborative research and development is available under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).

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