Description: The Naval Research Laboratory has developed a durable, rapid cure coatings system that is designed for harsh environments. Developed for the maritime industry, it is suitable for the interior & exterior of shipboard structures and tanks as well as other applications where performance counts. The rapid cure of this coating system offers a near instant “walk-on time” and rapid return to service, typically within 30 to 45 minutes, with a single coat capability. This will greatly reduce the coatings application process time and cost during new construction and overhaul. The excellent adhesion and high impact resistance make this coating suitable for high traffic areas and harsh environments extending the service life cycle time for major critical assets, such as ships. The superior chemical resistance also makes the rapid cure coating system suitable for the interior and exterior of shipboard tanks such as fresh water and sea water, fuel, waste and other tank systems.


  • Reduced coatings application process time due to rapid cure (in minutes, not hours or days as with other systems) and one coat application capability dramatically reduces the coatings system process bottleneck.
  • Reduced lifecycle cost due to excellent adhesion, high impact resistance and high chemical resistance improve the coatings service life in harsh outdoor, chemical, and marine environments.
  • Environmentally compatible: solvent free, VOC free, and odor free ensure environmental compliance in many uses.

Application Areas:

  • Maritime industry for the interior and exterior of structures and tanks.
  • Outdoor infrastructure where durability and long service life in all weather conditions count.

Licensing and Collaboration Opportunities
US Patent No. 7,241,504; 7,432,399; 7,615,604; and 7,622,541 are available for license to companies with commercial interest. Collaborative research and development is available under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).

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