NRL has a broad portfolio of technologies and over 1300 active patents or patent applications that are available for license. Below is a list of links to more information for a number of NRL technologies that have potential commercial applications.

Method of Making Curved Charge-Coupled Device

NRL has developed a method of making a curved charge-coupled device (CCD) for use in large field of view applications. The new method and CCD overcome the breakage problems due to mechanical bending of thinned CCDs. Using standard silicon fabrication methods, the novel NRL method uses 3D gray tone lithography and plasma etching to shape the silicon holding the CCD.

Bend and Twist Sensing Optical Fiber

NRL has developed a method for concurrently measuring bending and twisting along an optical fiber, using only the properties of light guided within the fiber. The NRL method exploits polarization dependent reflectivity from fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) in a centrally located core. This polarization-based approach fundamentally separates the detection of fiber bending and fiber twist, and no twist bias must be applied during fiber draw.

Changing Fluid Flow Using an Optical Beam
  • Fast, non-contact, light weight method for individual or ensemble particle sorting within a micro-fluidic channel
  • No physical or electromagnetic effects, which eliminates potential damage to the sample and uses three-orders of magnitude lower optical power
  • Applicable to all sample flows regardless of constituent particle type, physical properties, or other properties such as optical, electrical, or magnetic