NRL has a broad portfolio of technologies and over 1300 active patents or patent applications that are available for license. Below is a list of links to more information for a number of NRL technologies that have potential commercial applications.

Left: sandwich with photovoltaic panel, wiring, antenna. Right: step design, which better radiates excess heat, patent pending. (Photos: Jamie Hartman, NRL) Step Variation of Sandwich Module for Space Solar Power Satellite
  • New “step” architecture for space solar module (patent pending) better radiates heat
  • Module four-times more efficient at converting sunlight to microwave energy than closest competitor
  • Assembled in satellite array, modules could beam power to on-Earth receiver, providing sustainable, base-load power for a city or military missions
Economical Low Frequency (LF) Active Antenna Economical Low Frequency (LF) Active Antenna
  • At about $200, ideal as a low cost option for radio frequency receivers for astronomical observations
  • Designed for economical production and rapid, on-site assembly by relatively untrained personnel for use in arrays of antennas
  • Can operate independently or as part of a long wavelength array for astronomical radio telescope applications