NRL has a broad portfolio of technologies and over 1300 active patents or patent applications that are available for license. Below is a list of links to more information for a number of NRL technologies that have potential commercial applications.

Low Earth orbit is the region of space within 2,000 kilometers of the Earth's surface. It is the most concentrated area for orbital debris. Mitigation Concept of Low Earth Orbit

Physicist and Engineers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Plasma Physics Division and Naval Center for Space Technology have researched a technique to 'sweep' Low Earth Orbit (LEO) debris from space using an Active Debris Removal (ADR) system of deployed micron-scale dust.

Left: sandwich with photovoltaic panel, wiring, antenna. Right: step design, which better radiates excess heat, patent pending. (Photos: Jamie Hartman, NRL) Step Variation of Sandwich Module for Space Solar Power Satellite
  • New “step” architecture for space solar module (patent pending) better radiates heat
  • Module four-times more efficient at converting sunlight to microwave energy than closest competitor
  • Assembled in satellite array, modules could beam power to on-Earth receiver, providing sustainable, base-load power for a city or military missions
Economical Low Frequency (LF) Active Antenna Economical Low Frequency (LF) Active Antenna
  • At about $200, ideal as a low cost option for radio frequency receivers for astronomical observations
  • Designed for economical production and rapid, on-site assembly by relatively untrained personnel for use in arrays of antennas
  • Can operate independently or as part of a long wavelength array for astronomical radio telescope applications