Metrology Workbench: 3D Measurement and Visualization of Displacement and Strain Fields

NRL has developed a metrology workbench for the measurement and visualization of displacement and strain fields in three dimensions. The NRL workbench uses two or more cameras to image a specimen and includes custom software the implements the 3D Meshless Random Grid method. A random pattern of optically distinct dots is applied on the specimen surface. This procedure greatly reduces specimen preparation time compared to other optical methods.


NRL has developed a mission-planning software tool for planning sniper/counter-sniper missions, special recon, force protection, personnel security, and sensor, camera, and mine placement. By asking, "what can I see" and "where can I be seen", the tool graphically indicates areas visible to observers at known positions in a 3D scene, as well as positions from which these observers can be seen.


NRL has developed CT-Analyst®, a tool that provides accurate, instantaneous, 3D predictions of chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) agent transport in urban settings. In the past, more accuracy has always meant more computing and more computing means more delay. Waiting even a fraction of a minute for a simplified scenario computation can be far too long for timely situation assessment. Therefore, CT-Analyst® uses the best computations possible prepared well ahead of time and captures their salient results in a highly compressed database to be manipulated and displayed instantly.

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