High Performance Single-Component (1K) Polysiloxane Topside Coatings

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed a new class of high performance, single-component (1K) polysiloxane topside coatings. These coatings are intended to be used on exterior applications where superior weathering resistance and durability are required. Substrates to which these coatings can be applied include wood, glass, metal, and structural plastics. Application can be by brush, roll, or spray, leaving no lingering odor and cleanup simply requires lacquer thinner. If applied in thin coats, ~ 2-4 mils, the surface will be dry and ready for additional coats within 30-45 minutes. Surfaces can be handled, including sanding, within 6-8 hours and will reach full hardness after 7 days. This new topside coating is chemical resistant to fuels, most solvents, and > 250 methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) double rub resistance after 24 hours.

PEEK(TM)-like Phthalonitriles: Melt-Processable, High-Temperature Polymers

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed a new class of PEEK™-like phthalonitrile (PN) resins for use in a variety of applications due to their ease of processability when in a melt-state followed by curing to produce high-temperature, high-char polymeric thermosets. The PN resins, where n < 1, were initially designed to fabricate polymer matrix composites (PMC) by cost effective manufacturing methods such as resin transfer molding, a type of out of autoclave (OOA) processing.

Thermal Spray Nonskid

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed a highly tolerant, temperature resistant (HTTR) thermal spray nonskid (TSN) to mitigate the impact of vertical landing airframes, Joint Strike Fighter (F-35B) and Osprey (MV-22), on flight deck nonskid coatings. Operational and mock scale evaluations show current epoxy nonskids cannot survive JSF or MV-22 deck operations. To meet these requirements, NRL leveraged programs initiated by ONR and NAVSEA to identify alternative nonskid technology.

deck comparison Siloxane-Based Nonskid and Topside Coatings

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed a novel siloxane-based nonskid and topside coatings for Navy surface ships. The siloxane nonskid is a two-component (2K) system with a 4:1 mix ratio (by volume) that is applied via roll or spray to generate a rough profile. The topside coating is a single-component (1K) system that does not require the mixing of components and is applied via spray, brush, or roll. Both coatings are being qualified to MIL-Spec. requirements.

Rapid-Cure Coatings System

NRL has developed a durable, rapid cure coatings system that is designed for harsh environments. Developed for the maritime industry, it is suitable for the interior and exterior of shipboard structures and tanks as well as other applications where performance counts. The rapid cure of this coating system offers a near instant “walk-on time” and rapid return to service, typically within 30 to 45 minutes, with a single coat capability. This will greatly reduce the coatings application process time and cost during new construction and overhaul.

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