Radio Frequency Countermeasures (RFCM) anechoic chamber for EW testing.
Radio Frequency Countermeasures (RFCM) anechoic chamber for EW testing.

The Aerospace Electronic Warfare Systems Branch focuses on conception, development, demonstration and transition of techniques and technologies that perform advanced radio frequency (RF) electronic warfare (EW) for naval aviation requirements. Although the emphasis is on jamming communication and radar systems from manned and unmanned aircraft, EW from other platforms such as ships and land vehicles are also supported. In recent years, considerable effort has been invested in countering modern mobile communication systems. A key aspect of Branch work is extensive testing of RF electronic warfare techniques and hardware both in the laboratory and in the field.

The Branch has anechoic chambers for performing automated antenna pattern measurements from 2 to 50 GHz and from 75 to 110 GHz. A third anechoic chamber is available for developing radio-frequency countermeasure techniques from 2 to 40 GHz in a controlled and secure environment. The Communication Countermeasures Laboratory has the capability to create, analyze and tailor communication EW waveforms and techniques and to quantify their effectiveness against a wide array of modern signal classes. This laboratory features operational equipment currently used in the fleet.


  • Code 5731 - Communications Countermeasures Section
  • Code 5732 - Information Warfare Section
  • Code 5734 - Signal Research Section